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Marcos Golfari

Chairman, Ogilvy Latina

I am the Chairman of Latin America, also called Ogilvy Latina, and I have been with Ogilvy since May 1, 1995.

Ogilvy Latina first entered the market in 1969 and is now the fastest-growing regional network within Ogilvy. Latina is a vast region with 50 offices in 22 countries, 1,400 employees and more than 400 clients. With a 50/50 split between local and international clients, we have both a real understanding of Latina’s markets and the global network needed for international clients. We truly are “the most local of the international and the most international of the local agencies.”

Ogilvy offices in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama rank among the top three in their markets. And the creative hubs of Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are ideally suited for our multinational clients.

We pride ourselves on having the best talent available, allowing us to create a state-of-the-art agency with the capability to respond to ever-changing market needs.

In Latin America, traditional advertising is more alive than ever, and its detractors are more blind than ever. Traditional advertising, incorrectly named traditional, is actually based on the use of a brilliant idea in traditional media. The media are the traditional ones, just as the digital world will soon become. However, advertising is essentially a creative function, not an implementation. People want to call it traditional because they use traditional media. They want to call it avant-garde because they use digital systems.

I came into this business because I was thrilled with advertising the first time I saw an ad in Life Magazine. Advertising is pure essence, indivisible, a generator of emotions and reactions. It is an engine of the economic world, it stimulates the exchange of goods, it enables people to witness a certain event – be it related to sports, artistic or social – in the remotest corner of the universe. That is what the exciting world of advertising is all about.

It is not easy to include the whole picture in a single career highlight, but I feel very proud of how I was able to consolidate a team of winners in the region who, apart from being great professionals, are also very close friends. I truly believe that people are our most important asset, and we all enjoy our work with passion.

My favorite David Ogilvy quote is: “The psychiatrists say that everybody should have a hobby. The hobby I recommend is advertising.”

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