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Luis Bassat

Chairman Emeritus of Bassat Ogilvy Group, Ogilvy & Mather Spain

I am the Chairman Emeritus of the Bassat Ogilvy Group in Spain, and I first became affiliated with Ogilvy in 1975. I am also a member of the Ogilvy Worldwide Board and the Ogilvy Worldwide Creative Council.

Spain is an emotional and passionate country and so is our communication, many of our clients and our team. Perhaps that’s why our campaigns go straight to people’s hearts.

I’ve always said that the Bassat Ogilvy Group must be the best place to work for the best talents in advertising and marketing. Thanks to them, we have the best client portfolio which, in turn, allows us to earn money.

My favorite career highlight at Ogilvy is creating and producing the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games.

My favorite David Ogilvy quote is: “A Spanish journalist asked me if I was afraid that Luis would become more important than myself. I replied, ‘He already has.'” (It’s not true, but it flattered me that he said it.)

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