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Eugene Cheong

Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific & Singapore

I am the CCO of Ogilvy & Mather, Asia Pacific, and I have been with Ogilvy on and off since 1981.

The most unique characteristic about my region is that Asia Pacific is the most culturally diverse bit of our blue-green planet. The Southern Chinese, for instance, are as different from the Northern Chinese as Mediterraneans are from Nordics.

I love working with difficult people. They are usually more talented than nice people. My art is stilling the beast so beauty can emerge.

My favorite career highlight was in 1985. We had just resigned the local Tiger beer account because the Guinness business was being globally aligned into Ogilvy. A letter arrived in the post for me shortly afterward. It read: “I write to offer you my sympathy on the resignation of the Tiger beer. Your campaign was brilliant. And nobody can ever take it away from you.” Signed, David Ogilvy.

My favorite David Ogilvy quote is: “We have a habit of divine discontent with our performance. It is an antidote to smugness.”

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