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The Present And Future Of Men's Fashion

It’s New York Fashion Week, so let’s talk about the guys!

No, really.

The Boutique@Ogilvy’s 2016 Male Shopping Report goes deep into the fashion trends and shopping habits of American men, with some revealing results. Men spend more per month on clothing than women. There are certain possible reasons for this; Details’ Justin Fenner says it’s because men have to spend more on clothing due to manufacturing costs as compared to women’s clothing and a lack of options, while Christina Cauterucci of Slate opines that it’s because of the pay disparity between genders. Regardless of the “why”, what’s undeniable is that the men’s fashion industry is growing at a rate more than two times that of women’s fashion. There’s opportunity there to serve the far majority of men who are interested in fashion, and are willing to spend to get to their desired look.

Here are some key takeaways from the survey:

  • 94% of American Men have reported that they have a “defined” sense of personal style
  • 53% of men are sporting a “Basic Bro” look, saying they prefer t-shirt and jeans and describe their personal style as “comfortable” and “relaxed”
  • Millennial men are significantly more likely than other generations to describe their personal style as “athletic/athleisure” (Millennials = 9%; Gen X=4%; Baby boomers = 2%)
  • Nearly 40% of American men are dressed by someone else, with significant other/partner and friends having the most influence on wardrobe choices
  • Among Millennial men specifically, mom is an important influence (1 in 10)
  • Men under 35 are more likely to be persuaded by sales staff to make a purchase than older counterparts (27% vs. 18%)
  • Value, looking good, and sales are the top motivators for men to make a purchase when in a store (Value-53%; feeling good in the item-45%; sales/promo-42%)
  • Ability to try items on (33%), the touch and feel of an item (32%), and flexible return policy (15%) also rank high on the list
  • American men like to “treat” themselves, with 30% siting this as the top reason to make a retail purchase
  • Trading up: Nearly two-thirds (63%) of American men go shopping to update their wardrobe to replace worn out clothing or items
  • 40% of men look for inspiration from others when it comes to wardrobe style, with retail stores being top of mind
    • (17%-friends; 16%-retail stores; 14%-family; 11%-street style; 10% magazine/catalogs)

To read The Boutique@Ogilvy’s full 2016 Male Shopping Report, click here

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