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Ogilvy & Mather and Victorious Reveal The Digital Social Contract: The Red Papers

Red Paper Helps Brands Understand Online Video Engagement; Dives into DNA of Online Communities and Identifies Today’s Top Digital Creators

NEW YORK, NY, November 12, 2015 – Ogilvy & Mather and Victorious have unveiled The Digital Social Contract: The Red Papers ™ – the latest piece in the series of provocative essays coming out of the agency. The Digital Social Contract is written by Ogilvy’s Jeremy Katz and Robert John Davis, in partnership with Bing Chen and Alta Sparling of Victorious, a passion platform that powers interactive communities for the world’s biggest creators through mobile apps. It declares that Millennial and Z generations together comprise the most engaged, mobile, and enticing consumers of our time and that brands and agencies, have largely misunderstood how these coveted digital natives interact.

“Online video creators and their legions of superfans stand in the vanguard of digital change. Brands and agencies have been slow to recognize this and alter our behavior accordingly,” said Jeremy Katz, Worldwide Editorial Director of Ogilvy & Mather. “By examining the desires, behaviors, and attitudes of creators and their communities, we can get closer to discerning the emerging digital social contract. This new Red Paper enables us to help other players become valued members of still-forming digital communities.”

The paper dives into the value of communities online. Brands want engagement, so what drives engagement? By revealing that there is a new social contract that is emerging – a digital social contract that closely analyzes online video creators and their legions of fans who together stand at the apex of the digital revolution – Katz, Davis, Sparling and Chen uncover the unspoken social rules governing the digital world. These rules are the laws of the Digital Social Contract which help explain to brands how to thrive in this new online world we live in.

The Digital Social Contract also shares a list of the top 30 digital creators in today’s world of online video – The Ogilvy Creator Community 30 – which was established by analyzing various data sources. Between growth rate of the audience and reach, it goes beyond subscribers to categorize the most engaged creator communities and determine whether they are actively engaged, consistently involved and loyal and growing faster than their peers within a defined demographic or affinity group.

“By developing a framework to identify the top creators with the most engaged digital communities, we’re encouraging brands to explore opportunities beyond reach and into customer engagement,” said Davis, Executive Director, Content & Social, Ogilvy & Mather. “This isn’t about disruptive advertising. It’s about inclusion. It’s about brands being welcome, non-intrusive participants that bring meaningful value to the community and we hope that this helps prove the brand value of the most highly engaged digital communities.”

“We’re excited to share our passion for communities with marketers to unlock new creative business opportunities for digital creators, their audiences, and brands,” said Chen, Chief Creative Officer, Victorious.
To read the full version of The Digital Social Contract and access the Top 30 Creators, click here.

About Victorious

Founded in late 2013, Victorious is a passion platform that powers interactive communities for the world’s biggest creators. For the first time, creators, ranging from individuals to media companies, can house all of their multimedia content in their own apps, interact more deeply and directly with their fan communities and unlock new revenue streams. Fueled by a world class team of engineers, designers, product and creative leaders, Victorious is based in Santa Monica, California, with offices in London and Singapore..

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November 12, 2015

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