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Mobile World Congress 2015

MWC 2015 Day 2 Recap - All About 5G

Our recap of Day 2 of Mobile World Congress 2015 centers on one of the great innovations coming to the mobile space: 5G.


Don’t you feel like technology and digital seems to be plateauing? It’s because our devices and tech-oriented lifestyle needs a new data pipeline to enable the type of conceptual, interconnected living lifestyle we all want so badly. The answer: 5G.

5G isn’t just the next mobile network, like 4G or the failure known as 3G. It’s the next technological platform. It’s going to take us to speeds beyond what we currently experience. Imagine downloading an 8gb movie in just 6 seconds. 5G is going to enable your mobile device to connect to billions of other devices and sensors, in all aspects of your life (your current phone can connect to a few thousand). Latency issues will cease: no downtime, no wait time, and knowledge can be made out of data insights much faster.


Autonomous vehicles. They’re pretty sweet, especially once you get behind the wheel of one and take a deep breath as you give up control. But, if these were to hit the roads on our 4G networks, with high latency issues, you would die!

A self-driving car on a 4G network, traveling 60mph, which needs to suddenly hit the brakes to avoid a collision would move an additional 5 feet on the road before all the data processes took place to stop the car. On a 5G network, the car would only move 2.8cm. That’s 1.5 tons of steel moving less than half your thumb to avoid collision. That’s the sheer power of what 5G will enable. And how about this: that autonomous vehicle is talking to the 50 other cars in its surrounding area and to sensors placed all throughout the environment and streets.



The evolution of the internet will, when we finally have the ability to, take computing and content and bring it all together in an intelligently-managed way, differentiating the type of technology that is produced and the services being offered. Here are 5 reasons to get excited about 5G, 5 years from now:

  • The Humanization of the internet: The internet will be able to better sense the environment through sensors, probes, and connected objects, which means that services will be able to understand the specific situations of your physical environment
  • Keeping it Green: With 50 billion connected devices by 2020, these networks that will be built all over the world are being researched with the idea of maximizing low-cost energy consumption in mind
  • The Next Industrial Revolution: 4G does, in fact, limit the entrepreneurial spirit. There is only so much you can do with our current speeds and connectivity on mobile. This veil will soon be lifted, and our services will take on utility we never dreamed possible by imaginative minds who saw new opportunities first
  • The One and Only Follower You Need: With 5G, the internet will follow you wherever you go, enabling you to take all the data you create from device-to-device, creating seamless user ubiquity
  • Consumer Behaviors: We already know consumer behaviors change overnight, based on adoption of tech and the utility that service provides. With 5G, the way we watch video, shop, and socialize is going to be vastly different than what it is now. What are consumers going to be able to do? And what types of behaviors are they going to stop exhibiting?



5G gives the opportunity for brands to be smarter and more contextually relevant when tracking the customer journey.

In a 5G world, brands will be able to multi-hop across consumers’ various environments with ease via mobile, device-to-device discovery. Communication will increase tenfold, meaning devices will stop talking childish gibberish and make real sentences. Integrated access and backhaul will help you keep track of it all, and you’ll never have to predict a consumer journey again. You’ll know it in real-time.

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