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Yahoo! Keynote at CES 2014

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer’s keynote at the International CES 2014:

Making daily habits more inspiring and entertaining
Consumers use their mobile device to do everything now. Search, check the weather, read a news story, post a picture…you get the picture, you’re a consumer. So Yahoo! has focused on making our daily habits on our mobile devices more inspiring and entertaining. Their primary focus? Search, communications, video and advertising.

Contextual knowledge is the future

Yahoo! believes that our mobile devices should be contextually aware of what we’re doing and who we are before we even turn them on. In a recent acquisition of startup Aviate, an intelligent homescreen startup that brings up information the moment it’s relevant, Yahoo! sets out to provide consumers with a smarter start to everyday.

A stream of [quality] curated content

We’re drowning in a ‘virtual tsunami of information’. In this era of modern age reporting, Yahoo! is committed to the core values of journalism and quality of content as demonstrated with their hire of Katie Couric. But this journalistic integrity lives in a fragmented media landscape. The way in which we consume media is bite sized and fast. Yahoo! News Digest (the love child of Yahoo! acquisition Summly) is a new product that gives consumers two daily summaries of curated news stories algorithmically produced and editorially curated. Each story is condensed and created from multiple sources (called atoms) like photos, tweets, maps, and stock quotes that have a direct correlation with the news story. Giving consumers exactly enough information so they’re in the know.

Complexity to Clarity Video Video needs to be accessible on every platform, provide world class personalization for users and deliver quality content through partnerships. Yahoo! Smart TV brings together automatic content recognition technologies and provides users with smarter  content recommendations. And as you watch, the platform learns.

Immersive ads that match quality content

As Mayer puts it, “Yahoo is about beautiful immersive ads that match the quality of the content that matches the experiences for consumers.” And with Yahoo’s announcement of Digital Magainzes (check out, she’s really following through on her promise. The new media platform on Yahoo! has done away with typical display advertising. Which also goes right back to Mayer’s promise to deliver quality content to the audience. Instead, advertising is built into the platform that is inspired by the digital richness of the website. Digital Magazines are part of a long term advertising and content strategy for the brand.


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