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MWC 2017

5 Simple Rules for Mobile Brands

What exactly does it take for brands to excel in mobile? And who are the biggest competition in this space?

During a keynote on the digital economy at Mobile World Congress 2017, Ansible CEO Travis Johnson unveiled the MDEX, an index of mobile-ready brands across 15 countries. Created in partnership with YouGov and powered by Google, the MDEX analyses over 2,000 mobile assets against sixty different criteria, then assigns each one an overall score out of 130.

The MDEX breaks down a brand’s mobile performance into five core categories, based on what matters most to consumers:

1. Discoverability. Simply put; how easy is it for customers to find you on the mobile web? Amazon performs exceedingly well here, says Johnson, as it is always there for consumers in moments of need.

2. Mobile Optimization. Marketers have been thinking “mobile-first” for some time now, but a staggering number of mobile websites remain clunky, slow, and poorly formatted. Page speed and mobile friendliness are critical to getting a good score in this category — so you’d better start simplifying and compressing that code.

3. Utility & Usability. Does your mobile site or app guide users directly to what they’re looking for?

4. Navigation & Content. Finding what you want should be simple and intuitive. A number of auto brands are doing well in this space, with Honda making it incredibly easy for users to do their research and configure a vehicle.

5. Driving Desired Actions. How easy is it for users to do what they want? Facebook scores exceptionally highly for this, as every action the user wants is in the top 25 per cent of the screen.

And if you’re curious, here are the Top 10 global brands based on mobility:

1. Facebook
2. Amazon
3. 7-11
4. Hyundai
5. Nike
6. Microsoft
7. Google
8. Adidas
9. OLX
10. Target

Check out the full mobile brand index here.

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