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Cannes Lions | Article

Speed Or Perfection

There is always a natural tension between speed and perfection – and this is never more true than when exploring creativity. For every person who subscribes to the idea that craft requires significant investment of time, there is another who believes all that’s required is to be “fast, but good enough”. In truth, there’s a role for both philosophies, but the trick is understanding when each is appropriate…

1) Perfection: A Good Client Knows Good Work

Creative legend John Jay understands the agency mindset, and this makes him a great client with an eye for perfection.

2) Speed: Things Are Only Going To Get Faster

Wired UK editor David Rowan foresees speedy times ahead!









3) Perfection: Imitations Of Art

In this quest for artistic perfection, a computer creates the perfect masterpieces for ING in this multiple Lion winner (16 Lions including two Grands Prix!)

4) Speed: Why Reinvent The Wheel?

On stage, MikMak’s Rachel Tipograph explored an open-source philosophy that saves time by working with others.

5) Perfection: Putting Energy Into The Great

David Droga explained why it’s counter-productive to cut corners when it comes to creativity.









6) Speed: Real-time Conversations To Help Save Lives

Lynx created hyper-targeted, localised creative every two hours in a fast-moving, news-based anti-suicide project with the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

7) Perfection: Imperfect Processes And Perfect Apes

There are no shortcuts to building the perfect ape. Bring on the chaos!

8) Speed: The Faster, Fresher, Better, More Fun Mantra

AI might be fast, but it doesn’t have imagination. There are some things humans will always do better. Repeat after us: “Faster, Fresher, Better, More Fun…”

9) Speed And Perfection: To Ignore It Is Ridiculous

Condé Nast’s Anna Wintour on the tension between speed and perfection…

First appeared on Cannes Stories

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