Al principio de nuestra historia había una sola Ogilvy, la compañía fundada por David Ogilvy en 1948. Ahora Ogilvy vuelve a ser una sola compañía, pero en 83 países y con 132 oficinas repartidas por el mundo. Una única puerta de entrada a una red creativa que se ha refundado con el objetivo de hacer que las marcas importen en un mundo cada vez más complejo, hiperconectado y lleno de ruido.

Our Capabilities

Ogilvy crea una publicidad omnipresente tanto en el mundo digital como en el mundo físico estando en sintonía el uno con el otro. Nuestro historial de excelencia creativa nos empuja a seguir contando historias que emocionalmente impacten en las audiencias y que superan los límites culturales pasando a ser la corriente principal.

Los avances tecnológicos han cambiado la publicidad, pero esto no significa que sea un mero mecanismo de entrega. Como el mensaje llega al consumidor es importante - de hecho en el entorno digital actual es crucial. Pero si se ofrece al consumidor algo que carece de contexto emocional, algo que se ha desarrollado y creado sin saber cómo se comportan, reaccionan y piensan los consumidores, no importará la perfección con la que se haya integrado en su experiencia digital.

Aunque consigamos un gran logro tecnológico, se perderá entre las miles de otras interacciones que el consumidor tiene a lo largo del día. Porque lo que se mantiene es lo que le importa: lo que le mueve, lo que le inspira, lo que le lleva a actuar.

  • Creative Briefing

    Great advertising moves us. Great advertising is unique. Great advertising is memorable. It can’t be any of these things if the brief is off. Our creatives and strategists work in tandem to make sure that any creative output is rooted in ambition, in truths about the brand and and customer, and is aimed at the correct audience. How a piece of work ultimately works with the audience doesn’t always have to be a surprise—it can be the expected result of joining rigorous strategy with unmatched creativity.

  • Creative Idea Expression

    You can have a great idea, but big ideas can’t be catalyzed in a silo. We bring together experts from different backgrounds and perspectives to inspire high levels of creative performance to eventually inspire unique and groundbreaking ideas. Not every idea—even a good one—will be perfectly on-brand, so our clear guidelines and frameworks offer strategic, executional, and idea level feedback to ensure that no idea veers too far off course.

  • Creative Execution

    Countless great ideas have died because of shoddy execution. Our execution step is the final one in an integrated, meticulous process that ensures that the brand remains the focal point right up until the end. Our creative experts take time to articulate the brand visually, tonally, giving it a personality and palette that will be authentic with the audience. And to ensure that the brand is set up for global relevance and long-term staying power, we craft a playbook that establishes critical guidelines for how the brand should be presented across channels and geographies moving forward.

Ogilvy’s mission is to make brands matter for existing and new clients, across every time horizon, and at every consumer interaction.

Effective brand strategy begins with the consumer. Every successful brand today fosters a connection with the consumer, providing service and relevance. In order to achieve that relationship, we ensure that a brand’s strategy acts as a force that pulls every brand behavior, experience, and expression into a cohesive and intentional whole.

Ogilvy knows that brands today cannot just say; they must do. Consumers want to connect with brands who stand for something, built on meaningful principles that aren’t ancillary to business concerns, but baked into the brand’s core. We ensure that every brand exists to make a material difference in consumers’ lives.

A brand is a living thing. It can only become an integral part of a consumer’s life if it’s able to adapt to changing circumstances, to fill the customer’s wants and needs over the short, medium, and long term. When building a brand, Ogilvy is invested in making the brand matter to the customer—right now, in every quarter, and for years to come.

  • Brand Discovery

    A strong brand is built on a solid foundation, and we make sure that our clients’ brands are constructed properly and for long-term success. A brand that isn’t well-positioned simply won’t resonate with consumers. We ensure that our brand positionings are unique, credible, relevant, inspiring and future-proof. Our experts assess market factors, competitor threats and opportunities, and determine how to activate the brand across every audience and that it creates value for the consumer.

  • Brand Creation

    To make a brand matter to today’s consumer, it has to stand for something beyond the bottom line. A meaningful and legitimate brand purpose is not a CSR-fueled add-on, but is determined as part of the brand’s DNA. Along with determining purpose, this is the stage where we help the brand define its core values and behaviors. Only then can the overtly front-facing aspects be created—naming, visual identity, innovation opportunities and future investment strategies.

  • Brand Definition

    How does a modern brand manifest itself? In today’s digital environment, the customer is as much a part of the brand as the brand itself. So defining then brand starts with definition of the market, the target audience, the go-to-market strategy and experiences and actions that will bring the brand to life. And as today’s brand-customer relationships is ongoing, a successful brand must employ effective governance systems along with measurement and tracking that allows for effective optimization.

As a brand, your competitors aren’t just those who create the same products and services that you do. Your competition is anyone else providing a relevant experience for the consumer.

That means that brands succeed by being relevant to consumers. Relevance lies in personalization, but how do you personalize to a mass audience?

You have to know how consumers behave, including the ever-important context of technologies and platforms. You must eschew the fleeting success of campaigns du jour and develop content for ongoing programs, continuous experiences, fueled by automation, that speak directly and relevantly to the customer in every guise.
Ogilvy starts by analyzing data to form a deep understanding of that customer as both an individual person and as a customer on a journey. We dig deep on each of the distinct customer segments and identify the key moments along the journey that matter to each customer.

And then, we take it a level deeper, finding individual-level insights that reflect unique behaviors and preferences, allowing the brand to aim for hyper-relevance.

Because that’s how a brand turns a customer into a loyal partner. That’s Personalization at Scale.

  • Customer Marketing Transformation

    Marketing investments should focus on which audiences are most likely to represent the greatest impact on business objectives and growth. Today, that means finding the right customers and creating relevant, personalized interactions for them. We help brands navigate the fraught world of big data to determine the best courses forward, with the focus always on the customer and how the brand can provide them value.

  • Acquisition Marketing

    Successful brands are always finding efficient ways to turn prospects into customers. By identifying proper channels and techniques, we help brands optimize their customer acquisition process which, efficiently, drives growth. We also help design and build programs that bring all the disparate pieces—segments, data, technology, measurement—together to drive multi-channel engagement.

  • Commerce

    Shoppers today crave relevance and personalization, experiences that show brands understand them. The Direct-To-Consumer world has changed, and brands that understand how to provide value for the customer within this new paradigm are in position to generate business and get a return on their marketing dollars. We create customer-centric omni-channel commerce strategies and innovative go-to-market activations that

  • CRM & Loyalty

    In an always-on world, Customer Relationship Management can be tricky. You need to keep your existing customer relationships active and meaningful without going overboard or coming across as pushy. Brands need a keen understanding of their customers’ behaviors, desires, and needs in order to continue to drive value from the relationship. Loyalty programs and incentive systems are often efficient and effective ways of driving customer behavior and ultimately retaining customers.

It’s more crucial than ever for brands to utilize technology in an intelligent, useful, and unobtrusive manner. In a world where customers and brands move seamlessly and rapidly between many physical and virtual environments, every single brand behavior, experience and expression has the potential to create brand value. Or destroy it.

Today’s brands are defined by what they do, not what they say. Given that reality, brands must create and spark relevant personal interactions. This is how brands today create value.

Our Digital Transformation experts are help brands make the leaps in innovation that make their brands more valuable and meaningful to customer—which results in longterm sustainable growth. The bedrock of transformation is being able to create superior customer experiences, which are made possible through new technologies and borne from deep customer insights. We help brands not just offer a superios product or service, but ingratiate themselves to consumers. We don’t stop until the brand is something the consumer can’t live without.

Because when brands become more valuable to customers, customers then become more valuable to brands.

  • Digital Transformation Consulting

    Digital Transformation is a long-term project that also requires companies to make short-term impacts along the way. Our experts in Digital Transformation come together to holistically diagnose where a brand’s digital transformations needs are, build out a strategy to achieve unique goals and a roadmap to realize them. A transformed company is one with a clear vision and narrative, efficient operating and governance models, and ongoing strategies for digital innovation, technology, mobile, customer experience, and marketing technology.

  • Experience Design

    Creating experiences that are engaging, relevant, and, ultimately, ones that meet business goals and drive brand value and business growth, begins with understanding the audience’s needs and behaviors. Having this knowledge allows our teams to build experiences that are rooted in the brand, relevant to the consumer, and thus support business goals. We engineer, build, test, prototype, and measure the impact of every experience to ensure both efficiency and efficacy.

The great fragmentation has resulted in a world where everybody—even the biggest firms, the household names—need partners whom they have a great working relationship with. In particular, there’s been a shift in the relationship between the brands who produce content and experiences and the platforms that host that content that has placed a huge joint responsibility on their ability to work together.

In modern marketing, you’re often only as good as the partnerships you keep. At Ogilvy, we leverage our long history of building and managing complex partner networks with and for hundreds of companies around the world to help our clients implement partnership strategies that work. Instead of coming from a myopic perspective of only data, technology or media, we take a whole brand view of what our clients are trying to accomplish across time horizons to build a partnership strategy that will work tomorrow and years into the future.

Our ability to tap into deep marketing technology, analytics, strategy and creative expertise allows us to build a detailed, comprehensive approach, but with a broad point of view oriented around delivering better work, strategy, customer experience and results for our clients.

  • Partner Engagement

    Brands can’t do it all alone, and in today’s fragmented media environment, working closely with partners across the entire ecosystem is a competitive advantage. We help brands create relationships with media and adtech partners to enable communications at scale and in real time, extracting value out of products and partnerships to achieve business objectives. To ensure efficiency in the process for all stakeholders, we create a blueprint and management system that defines distinct roles for everyone involved in the partnership.

  • Partner Innovation

    Brands need customer solutions, and they need them quickly. If you don’t have good working relationships with major stakeholders, you can be left waiting for something that will make a big difference with your target market. Our acceleration labs bring together partner and agency capabilities to develop fast, agile solutions for brands. And our innovation experts utilize new tools, services and capabilities from partners that provide differentiated value for brands looking to engage their customers.

In today’s crowded media landscape, successful brands must throw out the old adage of “all press is good press”. Reputation today is staked on positive coverage and endorsement from people who matter. It’s about building up a groundswell of opinion that cannot be bought, only earned.

There’s a difference between attention and influence. Ogilvy’s Public Relations & Influence experts are able to earn influence on behalf of our clients’ brands by marrying a deep understanding of the consumer with our approach to building brands that matter today, tomorrow, and years from now. We bring influence campaigns to life through our unmatched creativity, on the strength of valuable partnerships with major media and platforms, and through innovative PR solutions that ensure the brand will continue to grow.

Earning influence today means having a robust and wide-ranging media strategy. There are the traditional large media companies and their print, digital, and social platforms, but also their popular, younger, digitally-born competitors. There are influencers across social media that drive as much attention as any well-oiled PR campaign can. Many companies are their own publishers, consistently churning out quality content.

But not every piece of content or every publisher is relevant to the target audience that will make a business difference for the brand. Knowing what matters to the consumer makes the difference between effectively managing your brand’s reputation or further harming it; presenting the brand’s leaders as influential experts or run-of-the-mill talking heads; your brand becoming an influencer rather than a follower.

  • Reputation Protection

    Protecting your brand’s reputation isn’t something you only do in the moment; it’s about preparation. Crises can hit at any time, and come from any angle, and we help brands assess areas of vulnerability and define where to look for early signs that a problem could be on the horizon. If that problem ever does come up, the brand is not only in position to deal with it efficiently, they are set up to begin recovering and rebuilding.

  • C-Suite & Advocacy

    The reputation of a brand can hinge on the public persona of its leadership. Highly-visible, credible, influential executives help present a brand as authentic, transparent and engaging—somewhere consumers and other businesses can feel comfortable partnering with. Additionally, brands oftentimes need working relationships with governments and civil society in order to achieve its business goals. We help brands manage their public affairs, as well as strategize how a brand can deliver a positive impact on the communities it serves.

  • Brand Influence

    The modern brand is one that people look to as an expert, as a partner in a shared experience. But a brand isn’t handed that distinction, it has to earn it. We help brands do that by first diagnosing with what audiences the brand is influential with, and how it can become more influential. Then we develop a strategy to inform an integrated program, leveraging media and influencers that are relevant to the audience and have their trust.

  • Employee Experience

    A brand is only as meaningful as the people behind it. Many companies overlook the impact that their employees have on the strength of the brand and how it drives business value. Just as a brand needs new customers, it needs to recruit the right type of ambassadors and stewards, too. We help brands create internal activation plans and employee value propositions that lead to a unified, engaged employee base, which ultimately helps the drive brand value and growth.

  • Media Influence

    Brands must always be aware of the public commentary surrounding itself, its competitors and the larger marketplace. Failing to be aware of this, brands risk not only missing out on crucial reputation opportunities, but worse, can fail to respond to unwanted perceptions. Understanding the outlets and platforms that your audience trusts and interacts with helps you prepare, and proactively working with media helps drive sales and enhances the brand’s reputation.

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