Nähesenden Rotkäppchen

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Instead of canceling its TV campaign in the Lockdown, Rotkäppchen finds a relevant and innovative way: The sparkling wine brand gives away its entire Easter TV slots to people spending Easter in the Lockdown. As a surprising, emphatic communication channel to break the isolation for a moment. And as a bold statement from a "we brand." On social media, all it takes is a spontaneous call on Facebook and Instagram. Within four days, more than 60 videos are sent in. Some of them lovingly designed. 15 of them will be broadcast on Germany's biggest TV channels at prime time on Easter weekend 2020. The creators of the videos were informed about broadcasting slots and could witness their message on German television. Of course, the "spots" were used on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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Rotkäppchen – Nähesenden
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