Founded in 1984 as Memac by Eddie Moutran, and today part of the Ogilvy Worldwide network founded by David Ogilvy, Memac Ogilvy is proud to be the most local of international agencies with 11 offices across the MENA region. We offer Advertising, Consulting, Experience, Health, and PR.

Our Capabilities

Memac Ogilvy inspires brands and people to impact the world. We exist to create iconic, culture-changing, value-driven ideas for our clients.

Borderless Creativity is our lifeblood. We operate, innovate, and create at the intersection of our talented people, across advertising disciplines such as strategic thinking and distinctive idea creation, through a social-first approach — alongside our wider Memac Ogilvy family of Consulting, Experience, Health, and PR.

Never have there been more opportunities available to communicate incredible ideas, impact culture, and influence consumer behavior. Paid advertising is a consistent, regular and controllable way of getting a business and brand’s core message in front of consumers in a way that no other medium can. Creativity is our greatest differentiator as we transcend the status quo and shift culture.

Today, Ogilvy is recognized as the world’s leading creative agency. We are also one of the most effective networks globally.

Ogilvy Consulting is the global strategy and innovation arm of Ogilvy, the world’s premier creative network. At Ogilvy Consulting, we believe in the power of brands, customer experience, and data and technology to transform businesses and drive growth.

We are the premier growth and innovation Consultancy for clients within the agency. In an era of great fragmentation, brands are the connective tissue for complex organizations and global economies. We believe that strong, customer-centric brands have the power to increase shareholder value and drive market share revenue and profits. As such, we tackle the tough client challenges that lie at the intersection of brand and business ambition.

Ogilvy Consulting offers three global practices: Growth & Innovation, Business Design, and Digital Transformation — all of which operate at the intersection of brand, growth, innovation & digital. These practices are supported by a host of specialty services ranging from future casting to behavioral science as well as Corporate Practice.


Experiences fuel business growth and drive impact. Emotional connections bring them to life. At Memac Ogilvy Experience, we infuse a brand’s unique emotional connection into every experience. By working at the intersection of customers, data, technology, and brand, we create experiences that transform businesses. We do this through borderless creativity.

  • We focus on digging deep to understand your customers and/or employees’ unmet wants and needs.
  • We harness the power of data and technology — either what you have today or what you need to build to ensure that you make the most of the platforms that are right for your business and your growth objectives.
  • We marry this with a rich understanding of your brand along with its role and purpose in the lives of your stakeholders to drive deeper relationships with your customers.
  • We wrap all this in a maniacal focus on the business, only developing experience-driven solutions that work exponentially to drive growth.

We offer Experience Strategy, Experience Interactions, Experience Communication, and Technology and Operations.

We are Memac Ogilvy Health & Wellness. A creative network focused on driving superior outcomes in the ever-changing healthcare environment — by providing bespoke solutions for ‘whole brand building’ in an increasingly complex and evolving marketplace. 

We inspire brands and people to impact the world by keeping our audiences’ health and wellness needs at the center of every touchpoint. Our legacy of creativity, our global network, and our deep expertise allow us to apply diverse thinking to create solutions to nuanced client challenges. 

Memac Ogilvy Health & Wellness delivers insight, creativity, innovation, and engagement solutions for all healthcare stakeholders, patients, and consumers across the healthcare continuum — through Consulting, Medical Education, HCP Promotion, Patient/Consumer Engagement, and Market Access — while integrating the full range of Ogilvy’s talent and capabilities from across PR, Experience, and Digital Transformation.

Memac Ogilvy Public Relations continues to be a trusted leader in the region’s social, cultural, and economic transformation. By bringing together the very latest thinking in behavioral change, influence, and high-impact, conceptual creativity, we deliver communications that affect positive, lasting change for the most ambitious public and private sector organizations.

We offer a complete spectrum of integrated communications services and consultancy, with an eye on large-scale projects that continue to alter the face of an evolving region. Within this, we offer expertise in building and maintaining reputation, grassroots citizen engagement, high-level international and regional media relations, B2B and B2C influencer marketing, and much more, all underpinned by an intelligence unit that gives our clients a clear view of the people, sectors, stakeholders, and environments they need to connect with and influence.

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