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Scott Galloway Named The Sexiest Academic Alive

Fake News…
Story of the week is FB, GOOG, and Amazon are legs of the fake news stool.

Fake news is a real problem. Facebook engagement of the top five fake U.S Presidential Election stories:screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-4-42-17-pm

Total Facebook engagement for top 20 stories (August Election day):


However, Facebook and Google don’t want to be thought of as media or news companies. News Flash: They are. They (or their consumers) produce content, garner eyeballs, and monetize—Boom…media company. So, and I could be wrong, but me thinks FB and GOOG put forward a progressive image and values (“hey everyone, lean in!”) to mask the job destroying, tax avoiding, whores of the extreme left/right they have become. But, again, I could be wrong.

Facebook and Twitter news use is on the rise. screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-4-51-32-pm

Store Wars

In this week’s MIT Technology Review, I comment on Amazon opening stores and that pure-play e-commerce is not sustainable.

Amazon might finally join Warby Parker, BirchBox, and Rent the Runway, which all lived pure-play-only lives once upon a time.


Our VP-elect supports conversion therapy for gay people because—you know—they’re sinning. So, if we believe Heraclitus and the Veep, we should be able to convert straight people to gay as well, no? In sum, count me in. I’m looking to do something different this Summer and have always had a healthy dose of gay envy. My ex-wife claimed I “was gay by day, straight by night,” so this shouldn’t be a heavy lift.


Professor Dan Ariely (The Elvis of Consumer Behavior) discusses how we use our brains to justify decisions vs. make them.

The sleeper show of Fall is Search Party. Alia Shawkat is a star who doesn’t appear to know she’s a star—likeable. And her friends are deliciously unlikeable. Sort of a British take on GIRLS, set in Brooklyn. Maybe my favorite series of ’16. BTW, best series of ’15 was Season 2 of Fargo #genius.

If you want/need to be (more) thankful, watch “Gleason,” the story of Steve Gleason, NFL defensive back diagnosed with ALS at 34. A powerful…and rough watch. The moment I finish this…I am going to:

  • Make a donation to “Team Gleason;” and
  • Play soccer with my boys and be thankful. Really…really thankful.

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