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S@O Weekly Roundup

The End Of The Disappearing Act

At this point, we’ve probably all heard at least one person (ahem, my dad) gripe about not understanding Snapchat because “things disappear” — lost forever to the vast Snapchat wasteland. No more! Arguably the largest social media update this week came from Snapchat, who added a new feature —Memories — which allows users to better store/archive content for future viewing and sharing. The feature opens Snapchat to a larger audience appeal, while still keeping the main experience rooted in fleeting messages. Snaps to Snapchat for making waves this week, and we expect to see this play out in audience usage over the coming weeks.
Other top platform news this week includes:
  • Facebook Tests “Secret Messages”
  • Instagram Insights Finally Rolling Out
  • Dating App Bumble Takes On LinkedIn
  • Twitter Launches New Dashboard for Brands


Taking a Page from Snapchat, Facebook Tests Disappearing Messages
Facebook Messaging continues to evolve to keep up with competitors, and in an effort to promote heightened security they are testing “secret conversations” offering end-to-end encryption to be read only on the two mobile devices users are communicating on. Read More
Sigh, Another Algorithm Change
Publishers take note… Facebook is changing their algorithm once again to deliver a “friends and family come first” experience. More than ever before, publishers and brands should place an emphasis on content that drives share engagements to reach their audience. Read More


Twitter Rolls Out Dashboard Metrics for Brands

Now you can create custom feeds to monitor what’s being said about your brand and competitors. The new Twitter dashboards allow for monitoring, scheduling, and topic combing. Read More


Perhaps No Surprise, Millennials Replacing TV with Snapchat

This just in: TV is out. For millennials, anyway. According to AOL’s CEO, Snapchat is giving users a “fundamentally better experience” than television, and young people are replacing their old viewing habits with that app. Oh Snap. Read More

It’s All Happening: Instagram Insights Finally Here

Instagram has finally started rolling out insights. That’s right, top posts, engagement, reach, impressions, likes — it’s here… for some users. Here is one user’s experience, and we expect to see this roll out for all users over the coming weeks. Read More


Unplugged Taking Shape for 2017

Nothing is confirmed yet, but YouTube’s online TV service — previously referred to as Unplugged — seems to be coming together. ESPN, ABC, and CBS are “firmly expected” to join as partners for the services which offers an alternative to viewers who don’t want to subscribe to cable. Read More

Live Broadcasting

Airtime Officially Launches as an App

Group video-chatting service Airtime has relaunched as an app. The platform has integrations with YouTube, Spotify, and several other services, allowing users to drop in text, video, music, and photos to enhance group chats. Read More

Dating App Bumble Looking to Take on LinkedIn
Swipe left for jobs. Dating App Bumble is launching BumbleBIZZ, a location-based service allowing users to search for business contacts the same way they would for potential partners. The move comes as the latest step in transforming Bumble into a larger social networking platform. Read More

Display Ads for Desktop Coming to Advertisers

Soon, LinkedIn advertisers will be able to buy display ads programmatically for desktop in an effort to simplify and extend advertising on the platform. Read More

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Cameron JoyeLaura GrahamKate Acker and Pam Franklin.

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