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S@O Weekly Roundup

Purple Rains Down On Social Media

So far, 2016 has been a rough year for major music industry losses, and last week we celebrated the incredible legacy of Prince — with the rest of the social media world (for better or for worse). And if you thought that news was so gigantic that there couldn’t possibly have been anything else discussed on social media this week, you were half right. Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 (and is looking for a social media star to join her team), Jennifer Aniston was named the World’s Most Beautiful Woman by CNN, and today we celebrate Earth Day in a million amazing and inspiring ways. So get outside, put some Purple Rain in your headphones, breathe some fresh air, plant a tree, and then post a picture of it on Instagram.

Top platform highlights this week include:
  • What do you want to read? Facebook knows.
  • Face Swap on Snapchat takes it to a whole new level
  • 360 degree live streaming video comes to YouTube (and we were there!)
  • Pinterest is preparing for a mega makeover
Facebook’s Algorithm Will Show You What You Actually Want To Read
A new update to Facebook’s algorithm will take into account how much time you actually spend consuming the media you click on. Time spent indicates interest level, according to the platform, and higher reading/viewing time will better inform what Facebook will serve in your feed. >>Read More
New Study Demonstrates Audio Has Potential To Go Viral on Facebook

Sharing audio on social media is hard to do, but it has huge potential for audio creators and podcasters who produce hours of great content every day but struggle with discovery and reaching new audiences. NPR recently tried a different approach with a beta Facebook audio player. >>Read More

Optimize Paid Campaigns at Scale on Twitter
Twitter has announced “Ad Groups” — a new level to campaign structures that gives advertisers control over their budgets and messages for different audiences, and to build large-scale campaigns seamlessly. >>Read More
BONUS: New Research sheds light on how early tech adopters are using the platform >>Read More
Interactive Video Campaigns Now Available
Leveraging higher engagement rates on video content, Facebook and Instagram now offer video promotions that users can interact with. Scroll over a video for prompts to take quizzes, click through to websites and more. Initial testing resulted in 35% engagement rates. >>Read More
The Next Level of Face Swap
A new update has take Snapchat’s popular Face Swap tool to a whole new level. Now, the feature offers a secondary face swap tool that pulls up images with faces from your phone’s camera roll and allows you to swap faces within your own photos. The update also includes free replays (previously $0.99 after your first free replay). >>Read More
The Revival of MTV’s Cribs comes to Snapchat
Remember Cribs? The show that gave us the behind-the-scenes look at the homes of celebrities? This summer MTV is bringing the show to a new generation — via Snapchat’s Discover. >>Read More
Introducing 360 Degree Video and Spatial Audio for Users
At Coachella 2016, YouTube has officially launched live 360 degree video and spatial audio (aka, what you’d hear and how you’d hear it if you were actually in the room). Prerecorded 360 degree video launched in 2015, but at this year’s music festival users can now watch performances live and then turn and watch the dance party around them. >>Read More
Their efforts at Coachella were supplemented this week as D∆WN became the first musician ever to perform live on 360-streaming video from the YouTube space in LA. >>Read More
Pinterest: Reinvented, and Looking Like a Billion Bucks
In one week, Pinterest will announce its biggest engineering and design overhaul ever to prove it’s really worth the $11 billion venture capitalists predicted it would be. >>Read More
No Longer Made in China
Accessible, that is. After content about the Panama Papers was recently published on the site, the publishing platform has been blocked as Beijing exerts greater control over the internet. >>Read More
New Update Provides Icebreakers for the Faint of Chat
Tumblr released a chat function on the platform five months ago, but noticed users were struggling to begin conversations. A new update now provides suggestions for conversation starters (using insights into what the account typically discusses) to help you get the conversation rolling. >>Read More
83 Million Now on BuzzFeed
As of March 2016, BuzzFeed had 83.4 million visits, according to comScore, making it the 25th ranked in-site traffic in the US (including desktop and mobile). This is more than both Conde Nast Digital and the New York Times Digital. >>Read More
Compiled by our West Region strategists including Cameron JoyeLaura GrahamKate Acker and Pam Franklin
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