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S@O Weekly Roundup

It's May, Let's Cheer With Lemonade

A wise man once said, “When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade and break Twitter.” At least that’s how Beyoncé heard it, and she did just that when she released her visual album Lemonade last week sparking a firestorm of Becky bashing, fanatical gifs, and tweetpologies to poor Rachel Ray. April has been a rough month on social, but luckily — according to Justin Timberlake— it’s May, time to refresh and meme accordingly. In other trending news, the NFL Draft enters Round 2 today, FLOTUS has taken on Prince Harry, and the definition of the “woman card” continues to be debated. Across platforms this week:
  • Snapchat snags a deal with NBC to feature Summer Olympics on Discover
  • Facebook paying creators to drive Facebook Live
  • Instagram’s testing a new, minimalist design
  • Medium’s in the money as the publishing platform continues to evolve


Using YouTube’s Playbook to Win the Video Game

Attract video, and then pay content creators — that’s been YouTube’s strategy for years, and now Facebook is hoping to continue driving the video landscape. As part of their push for video — including live streaming — Facebook is now offering celebrities payments to use their Facebook Live feature. Read More

Government Requests for Facebook Data Increase

According to Facebook’s bi-annual transparency report, government requests for Facebook user data increased 13% in the second half of 2015. Read More


Twitter’s AI Can Identify Context In Live Streams

Playing a guitar? Demoing a new power tool? Streaming your cat? Content varies on Twitter’s live streams, but now their AI can identify the context of the videos — ultimately driving the ability for Twitter to recommend videos for their users. Read More

Bonus: Twitter shares how to make direct response tweet copy more effective Read More


Instagram Tests New Minimalist 

The platform is currently testing a new monochromatic look with a select group of global users. The minimalist design test replaced Instagram’s traditional blue features with a black, white, and grey color scheme. A change in icons was also tested. Check out Instagram’s potential new look. Read More

Bonus: Instagram also (finally) releases a new update for Windows phones Read More


Snapchat’s Discover Will Feature Exclusive Content From the Summer Olympics

NBC has agreed to share video of the summer Olympics for the first time ever, and its chosen partner is Snapchat. A dedicated channel within the platform’s Discover section will offer curated behind-the-scenes content from the games. Read More

Snapchat Is Beating Facebook in the Sharing Game

10 Billion video views are recorded daily on Snapchat. Over a third of users create stories every day. All this at a time when Facebook is reporting a decline in original sharing (status updates, album sharing, notes). Snapchat is growing rapidly and has two inherent qualities Facebook wants: it is fun to use and sparks creativity. Read More

The Right to Selfie: Snapchat Backs Polling Booth Selfies for Younger Gen 

According to Snapchat, selfies and other photos in the polling booth are a key behavior for younger voters — a behavior that will drive future participation. Is expressing participation via Snaps an important part of free speech and civic engagement? Read More


“Featured Collections” Launches as Pinterest’s Version of Trending Topics

Pinterest’s latest update features a daily pull of popular pins, users, boards, and searches within Pinterest making up the Featured Collection. This space is dedicated to their International markets in hopes to continue global growth with more personalized content. Read More


Creative Tools and Viewer Statistics Come to Periscope

Following suit with platforms like Facebook Live and Snapchat, Periscope has launched the ability for broadcasters to doodle on their live streams in an effort to drive creativity and engagement. Additionally, new statistics — such as a graph of viewers over the course of your broadcast — have been released. Read More


Updates to Content ID & Revenue Process

Thursday, YouTube released a statement addressing concerns about their current copyright/content ID/ revenue process. The new system will help creators earn revenue even as a Content ID claim is being disputed. Read More


Platform Snags $50 Million in New Funding

New funding sources are coming to Medium as the platform aims to remake the digital publishing landscape. Expect further innovations from Medium as politicians, companies and business leaders flock to a new form of publishing. Read More


Q&A App Jelly Relaunches as Search Engine

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has reimagined his Q&A app — now less social network and more search engine. What’s different about the new Jelly? Using AI, questions from users will be directed to humans who can answer them. Read More (Original Medium post here.)


Enjoy the Public Performance of a Conversation Without the Harassment

The new platform will allow anyone to start a “show” with friends — a text conversation that is displayed publicly but only allows admitted members to contribute. This allows users to have transparent, public conversations without the harassment of trolls (a la Twitter). Read More

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Cameron JoyeLaura GrahamKate Acker and Pam Franklin.

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