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S@O Weekly Roundup

In Full Disclosure

Warner Brothers reminded us this week why disclosure matters… because when you don’t properly disclose creator partnerships, the FTC will slap you with some serious fines and — more importantly — fans will feel misguided. Fortunately, we think PewDiePie can bounce back from basically anything. Other top social media highlights this week include:
  • Twitter announces more live streaming partnerships
  • New Facebook Instant Articles functionality comes to Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat creating smart filters to offer new advertising formats


Instant Articles Coming to Messaging App
Instant Articles on Facebook — optimized for a faster, more seamless reading experience — can now be shared within Messenger, indicating another new push to highlight the functionality. Read More
Broadcasters Can Now Set Restrictions on Live Content
Facebook Live has quietly rolled out an option for broadcasters to restrict who can see their live content, including age restrictions. The option is available to people who post their streams to Facebook using their API including media companies, creators, and brands. Read More


Bloomberg and Twitter Team Up for Live Streaming Partnership 

After rolling out live streaming video with Wimbledon recently, and announcing a deal with CBS to stream the Republican and Democratic conventions, the platform has announced a deal with Bloomberg Media. For brands, this means the potential for in-stream ads. Read More

In More Streaming News, Twitter to Stream College Sports
Twitter is teaming up with broadband network PAC-12 Plus to stream at least 150 games during the coming academic year. The partnership allows users to stream games online, while still offering the conversations they are accustomed to. Read More
New Emojis Rolling Out On Twitter
A new study shows that emojis in branded content are on the rise, just in time for Twitter to roll out 72 new emojis. Read More


Location Based Data Will Boost Branded GeoFilters 

Through a partnership with location-based data startup Yext, Snapchat will soon be able to offer brands geofilter advertising. Think, a slurpee integration when you walk into a 7/11, or a KFC themed geofilter when you walk into one of their (thousands of) locations. Read More

Smart Filters Recognize Objects & Serve Ads 
New patent information released this week indicates Snapchat is aiming to make much smarter photo filters. The app would recognize objects within photos (I.e a cup of coffee) and serve users with ads and promotions. Read More

Schedule Posts in Advance with Buffer

You spoke, and Instagram listened. Now, leveraging an integration with third party app Buffer, Instagram users can schedule posts in advance. It also provides users with analytics. Read More

Inspiring Brands to Create Instagram-Shaped Content 
Facebook is urging brands to create square-shaped creative for both Facebook and Instagram to ensure their content doesn’t get lost in the new algorithm. The 1:1 rations in the shape of a square are designed for mobile viewing and are considered a best practice in Facebook’s new creative guidelines. Read More

New Study Shows Businesses Going to YouTube for Marketing

The new data shows that US business ranked Facebook and Twitter as the #1 and #2 (respectively) most important channels for business marketing, YouTube overtook LinkedIn as #3 (LinkedIn ranked #4). Why? YouTube is the second largest search engine and can effect a business’ SEO. Read More

Lack of YouTube Disclosures = Fines for Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers found themselves in hot water this week for failing to disclose branded partnerships with YouTube creators like PewDiePie. The FTC has prohibited the brand from misrepresenting by allowing users to believe videos were independent opinions of the creators (without paid support). Read More

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Cameron JoyeLaura GrahamKate Acker and Pam Franklin.

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