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S@O Weekly Roundup

This Week's Best Social Stories



If #TaxDay is making you anxious, put on your best flower crown and soak in the zen at Coachella, which starts today. Prepare for a barrage of jean short-clad, pensive selfies flooding your Instagram feed for the next two weeks. This week we also celebrated a lot in the world of sports; Kobe’s last game — in which he casually dropped 60 points — the beginning of the NHL playoffs, and the Golden State Warriors finished their season as the first team ever to achieve 73 wins. Social media users covered it all, and the platforms continued innovating:

– Facebook held their annual F8 developers conference, highlighting chat, live streaming, and VR
– Ears can now feast on curated playlists with Twitter Moments
– Snapchat overthrows Instagram – crowned leader among teens
– YouTube is live streaming Coachella✌?


F8 Conference Preps Us For Next 10 Years

New tools, VR demos, lasers, Zuckerberg face time, and a huge emphasis on live streaming — that’s just a snapshot of what was covered at the annual F8 developers conference this week. Top takeaways included: bots for brands are coming to messenger, we’ll be seeing a lot more live video, algorithms can identify just about anything in our uploaded content, and VR will be leveraged to improve socializing (and a lot more). >>Read More

Bonus: Learn more about Facebook’s chatbot announcement here.


I Smell a Makeover!

Twitter has often tested new features on Android before rolling them out to users at large, and a number of people using Android mobile to access Twitter are seeing a – so far well-received — new design. The makeover organizes Twitter’s core features (turning buttons into tabs) and tweaks swipe behavior. >>Read More

Moments Become Tweetable Playlists

Through a partnership with SoundCloud, Twitter Moments now offers select creators the ability to curate shareable playlists within the feature. The playlists feature audio cards that autoplay songs when scrolled over. Check out this example released this week through a Stereogum Moment. >>Read More


New Study Shows Teens Value Snapchat Over Instagram (And Everything Else)

A new Piper Jaffray study reports that 28% of teens felt Snapchat was the most important social network — even over Instagram. Just one year ago, Snapchat was listed as fourth behind Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The study also reports that teens are more interested in viewing pictures and videos than text-focused media. >>Read More

How to Use Snapchat’s New Interactive “Emoji Video”

Face Swap is sooooo last month, guys. It can be hard to keep up with Snapchat’s ever-changing platform, but we’ve got the instructions for how to use Snapchat’s latest addictive feature — 3D Stickers. >>Read More


“Explore” Overhaul Includes Personalized Video Feed

When Instagram announced its move to an algorithmic feed last month, many users and brands got a little worried (do we need to remind you about that “Turn on Notifications” frenzy?). To calm the masses, Instagram has shifted some of their algorithmic curation to the “Explore” tab — delivering users the content they’ll be interested without cluttering their main feed. >>Read More


Doodle Real Time in Your Live Stream

Periscope is testing a new feature — “Sketching” — with beta users to allow hand-drawn doodles on top of live video streams, helping streamers call attention to certain parts of their shot. >>Read More

Periscope Competitor Launches “ Enterprise” for Businesses

Two-year-old livestreaming app launched a B2B service this week, Enterprise, with the goal of serving as the enterprise video partner for any video producer who wants to incorporate live video programming into their media mix. Current brand partners include The Volvo Car Open, United Soccer League’s Charleston Battery, and Whistle Sports. >>Read More


Medium’s New Features Welcome Migrating Publishers with Open Arms

New design tools, easier migration, cross promotion, and innovative native advertising offerings are just a few of the new features Medium is rolling out to attract publishers. And it’s working. This week, more than a dozen operations — including Pacific Standard and The Awl — are migrating to the platform. >>Read More


Tumblr Now Available Through Yahoo Mail

This week, the Yahoo Mail app for Android got an upgrade that allows users access to their Google Drive, Dropbox, gifs, and Tumblr. You can now attach files directly from this integration. >>Read More


Slitherio Game Taking Over YouTube

Slitherio is the number one free app on iOS right now, and it’s racking up millions and millions of views on YouTube where top entertainers such as Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye have all shown it off to their giant audiences. Beware, Slitherio has proven to be addicting. >>Read More

Bonus: If you can’t make it to Coachella this year, YouTube will be streaming the festival from three channels. Stay tuned on schedules.

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Cameron JoyeLaura GrahamKate Acker and Pam Franklin

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