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S@O Weekly Roundup

Civility Coming To Comments Section?

We’re mere days from Election Day 2016 in the U.S., and by now many of us are simply worn out with the battles taking place in comments sections across social media. We’re all for a healthy debate, but – as community managers – when debates turn to bullying we have to know how to moderate the conversation. YouTube is the platform stealing the show for us this week, making our jobs – and the jobs of its creators – far simpler with the release of new tools that will help identify inappropriate comments and allow creators to review (with the hope of cleaning up abusive conversations). Also in this week’s social news:

– Facebook is releasing new camera features that look a lot like Snapchat
– Customer service made faster on Twitter
– Snapchat vs. Instagram? Who’s getting the love from Gen Z and Millennials?
– Mall Madness right within your Instagram feed


“New Camera” Feature Rivaling Snapchat Comes to Facebook

The platform is testing new camera and messaging features that include filters (like masks and other animations) and messages that eventually disappear (much like Snapchat). To incite usage, Facebook plans to place the camera icon in the upper left hand corner of the main app, as well as letting users access it by swiping right.
Source: The VergeCNETTech Crunch

Learnings from Facebook’s e-Learning Course for Journalists

NewsWhip took Facebook’s free e-Learning course – meant to help journalists optimize how they use the platform – and found an emphasis on live video, behind-the-scenes content, Instant Articles and 360-degree content.
Source: NewsWhip


Twitter “Highlights” Finally Launches on iOS
The “Highlights” feature is a daily push notification that provides users with a link back to the app to view a custom-curated collection of the top content from the day, summarized. The feature has been available on Android for more than a year, and debuts on iOS this week.
Source: CNETNew York MagazineDigital Trends

Twitter for Business Releases Auto-Replies for Faster Customer Service 

Twitter is rolling out quick replies (to direct messages) and welcome messages for businesses providing customer service on the platform. The functionality helps speed up response times and provide a richer experience.
Source: VentureBeatEngadget


Snaplytics Launches Snapchat Analytics

A new analytics service from a Denmark-based startup is now offering metrics for Snapchat. The company claims they are the only SaaS service for brand monitoring on the platform. Analytics include open rates, views, and number of screen shots.
Source: Marketing Land

What Gen Z & Millennials Think About Snapchat and Instagram

As Instagram’s functionality continues to lean in a “Snapchatty” direction, Adweek wanted to know how users ages 13-34 feel about both Snapchat and Instagram (and their ads) to provide marketers insights on where to spend their dollars. The study shows younger users are more receptive to ads on Snapchat. A majority also would choose Snapchat over Instagram, with 64% reporting they think Snapchat is cooler.
Source: Adweek


Shopping Functionality is Coming to Instagram

Instagram is easing users into shopping on the platform by rolling out new functionality that allows select brands to tag their products in photos. When users select a product’s tag they will be able to view a product’s price, description, additional photos, and a “Show Now” button to buy it on the web.
Source: Tech CrunchBloomberg TechnologyInstagram Business


Cleaning Up the Comments with New Creator Capabilities

We can all agree that the YouTube comments section can sometimes be a breeding ground for hate speech and bullying. To combat this, and to provide its creators with more control over their comments section, YouTube is rolling out three new features — pinned comments, creator hearts, and creator usernames (to allow creators to better interact with their audience). We can also expect an algorithm that will flag potentially inappropriate comments to be held for creator review/approval.
Source: EngadgetTech CrunchCNETTubefilter

What Works in Mobile Video? Google/YouTube Run Secret Tests to Find Out 

To help brands get a better idea of what works in mobile video/what is capturing viewer attention, the Google Unskippable Labs ran an experiment. Top performance indicators centered around faster pacing, horizontal video, subtitled video, and “super captions.”
Source: Ad Age

Live Streaming Rising Star in Live Video Streaming

The app has been best known for enabling users to create and share short lip-syncing videos, but its 100MM+ users could present an attractive opportunity to marketers for short-form live streaming. The built-in, engaged community is flocking to the app’s live broadcasts on and paying to support their favorite creators.
Source: Marketing DiveVariety

Vine Founders Launch Streaming App “Hype” To Rival Periscope 

Amid Twitter’s reports that it will soon shut down the Vine app, Vine’s co-founders announced they’re developing a new video streaming app called Hype. Much like Twitter’s Periscope, Hype users will be able to react to and comment on broadcasts real-time, and can also replay broadcasts later. Unique features include themed backgrounds as well as photo-slideshow, emoji, animation and music integrations.
Source: Tech TimesTech CrunchBuzzFeed News


Three New Types of Promoted Pins

This week, Pinterest rolled out new promoted pin options to advertisers: One-Tap Pins, Video Pins, and App Pins. They also expanded their ad offerings (previously only available in the US) to the UK with more markets to be added very soon.
Source: Social Times

Instapaper Now Free for All Users

Three months after being acquired by Pinterest, the online bookmarking service has discontinued its premium offering, opening paid features up to everyone. Now, users can access all features including search within articles, speed reading, and the ability to send articles to Kindle through a mobile app.
Source: Venture BeatTech Crunch

Compiled by our West Region and Social@Ogilvy West strategists including Cameron JoyeLaura GrahamKate Acker and Pam Franklin.

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