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Nasreen Madhany

Global Chief Executive Officer, Neo@Ogilvy

I am the Global Chief Executive Officer of Neo@Ogilvy, and I have been with Ogilvy since 1975.

Neo is unique in that it’s an organization that reinvents itself depending on whatever the client need is. We have the ability to be very nimble, and we tailor ourselves not to a business model that we create, but to a model that we tailor to every single client’s need.
What I find exciting about my job is getting to work with young people – the average age at Neo is 29. They are so at ease with technology and are all very hip and cool. In fact, I’ve started dressing differently since I took on this role – I’ve gone from business suits to designer jeans!

The future of Neo@Ogilvy is about networking. The word itself suggests connections and being connected, and it’s all about people and how they will transform everything we do. Networking to me is all about socialization and social media; that is where the future of Neo is. Without networking and socialization there is no Neo in the future, so it’s very critical for the organization and the industry.

None of my career highlights have anything to do with my work, so I’m sorry if you’re looking for work-related things. Today, it was a meeting with Charlie Rose who came to the office to learn how the Cisco Telepresence technology might be used in a television series he’s developing. Another was being seated with John F. Kennedy, Jr. at the TIME Magazine’s 75th Anniversary celebration.

My favorite David Ogilvy quote is: “It is important to admit your mistakes, and to do so before you are charged with them.”

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