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Gunther Schumacher

President, Global IBM Brand Services and WW President & CCO OgilvyOne Worldwide

Gunther spent most of his 19 years at Ogilvy trying to find the perfect balance between his passion for innovative client solutions that drive business results and the need to “simply get things done.”

His current role as President, Global IBM Brand Services, Gunther returns to the IBM Team to lead Ogilvy’s integrated 360 client relationship, which has yielded a lot of groundbreaking work, including the award-winning Smarter Planet initiative.

Additionally, Gunther serves as the global President & COO for OgilvyOne, the world’s leading Customer Engagement Agency, Gunther is focused on key client relationships, new business and new network capabilities in areas like e-Commerce, Data and Technology. He is also leading strategic M&A initiatives in key markets.

In previous roles at Ogilvy, Gunther led of the IBM business for OgilvyOne globally and oversaw a broad range of digital and integrated CRM programs that generated billions in campaign revenue for the Client and numerous awards (including a Grand Effie) for the Agency.

As the COO of the Ogilvy Group in North America, Gunther spearheaded a complete overhaul of Ogilvy’s North American technology infrastructure, which included server virtualization and workflow automation initiatives. He also consolidated the company’s global headquarters into a new 2,000+ people facility and built new capabilities like a global digital production unit.

Gunther’s ‘pre-Ogilvy-life’ includes stints as Product Manager on the Client side, Copywriter, Media Planner and Independent Software Developer.

Currently, Gunther sits on the Board of Directors of the Direct Marketing Association. Gunther has a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Literature from the University of West Berlin. After work, he enjoys playing with fast cars and loud guitars, as well as simply spending time in his ‘private matrix’ with his wife and three daughters.

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