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Annette King

CEO Ogilvy Group UK Chairman OgilvyOne EMEA

I have been with Ogilvy for sixteen years, in eight different roles, ranging from client lead on American Express across EMEA to Managing Director for Ogilvy Interactive and from New Business Director for OgilvyOne to my current role as CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Group in the UK.

We operate ten different, but connected companies in London, so we pretty much have it covered for both our global and local clients. We come together into blended teams when we can, bringing the best of those companies and the talent in them together to develop and deliver the most pioneering work possible. There are 1600 of us, marching towards this mission every day.

I’ve had many career highlights while working for this company — promotions on both maternity leaves, enjoying agency of the year on more than one occasion, working with some of the best creatives in the business, joining the Worldwide board and then the Exco and, most recently moving into the fantastic Sea Containers building on London’s South Bank.

My favourite David Ogilvy quote is “In the best establishments, promises are always kept, whatever it may cost in agony and overtime”.

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