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The most fashionable apps in fashion

For some reason theory is easier than practice (some German philosophers being an exception). For example, in theory every brand knows the importance of being mobile. In practice, very few brands have got it right.

We took a look at the fashion industry and we came up with a list of 10 applications, which any fashionista (client or consumer) should get familiar with, because there is something we can learn from each of them.

5 Brand Apps:

1. Saks 5th Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue has teamed up with Stylewhile in order to allow consumers to digitally test outfits on body types similar to their own. The app aggregates product images from participating retailers such as Diane Von Furstenberg and links seamlessly with the Saks e-commerce page. Prices and availability are always displayed at the bottom of the page.

What’s great about this app is that users can create a whole outfit rather than just looking at individual items. Thanks to the avatar feature they can also virtually try it on making for great user experiences and informed decision-making. This should reduce returns, keeping everyone happy!

2. Louis Vuitton Pass

Fashionable apps

Louis Vuitton enriched its print campaigns with a mobile application that brought together exclusive content and mobile commerce. Pass offers behind-the-scenes and making-of type content alongside product information and a store locator. Users can either scan a branded icon (the LV redefinition of a QR code, only more beautiful) or the entire campaign picture to access photos, videos and a mobile commerce page which features the products showcased in the print ad.

This is a great example of how a print campaign can use digital to build awareness, conversion and engagement.

3. Gilt Groupe

Fashion apps 2

Gilt was one of the first fashion retailers to focus on mobile and its app has seen many versions. One useful feature included a wait list that people can get on if they weren’t able to buy an item first time round. If it goes back in stock, they’ll be alerted via e-mail.  Another great feature allowed users to automatically impose clothing products over a picture of themselves.

The current app is really comprehensive and well rounded. There is m-commerce, editorial content, a store finder, push notifications… It isn’t about a single campaign or function, but aggregates a lot of the features that users love. However, it can be a bit slow sometimes.

4. Net-a-Porter

Net-A-Porter has taken customer engagement one step further among it’s young and tech-savvy audience by creating The Netbook. This invite-only social network application is free to download and available for Apple devices.

It allows users to follow friends and fashion trendsetters and share their favorite looks and pieces curated by Net-A-Porter. The App requests a detailed user profile, making content particularly relevant for each person.

What’s great about this is the private club community that this app creates. It leverages the target audience’s desire of engaging with exclusive fashion content and with people who share a similar sense of style. Of course, Net-a-Porter gets quite a bit of data from all the people who create a profile! Favorite brands, spending power, age, location…

5. Tory Burch

Tory Daily is a daily dose of entertaining stories around style, travel, culture, accessories, food, bloggers and of course the American stylist herself. Besides the great content, users can shop, find a store and use the Tory camera to retouch pictures with stylish filters such as ‘divine’, ‘cat’s meow’, ‘tomboy’ and ‘pas du tout’.

It’s a basic app, very well done. For brands that don’t have huge budgets or unique creative ideas it’s the perfect place to begin.

5 Fashion Apps:

1. Fashion Kaleidoscope

Fashion apps 3

If you love Shazam then this is for you. It’s basically Shazam for fashion! Imagine you are queuing for lunch and you spot something on a stranger that you like the look of. No longer will you have to juggle the decision as to whether you break the line and ask them where it’s from! Fashion Kaleidoscope helps you track the item and shop it.

The app also has inspiring images from street style, bloggers, celebrities and runways. Users can browse looks, save favorites and explore cheaper areas to make purchases.

2. Shopstyle

Fashion apps 4

Shopstyle brings together three hundred retail stores, allowing users to compare prices of clothes for men, women and kids. It also works for home appliances. Users are able to shop by price, size and color. Shopstyle accesses a huge database of online stores, high street and designers. People call it the “Fashion Google”!

3. Walk In My Closet

Walk In My Closet combines both shopping and organization. If you’re browsing the Internet looking for something to buy, you can instantly add the item to your virtual closet.  This puts all your wish list items in one place. The app also offers a moodboard, allowing people to browse inspiring and hot looks. Users can create a real-life closet by taking pictures with the phone, retouching if so desired, and uploading. Coming soon is a function that will allow people to shop for recycled designer pieces and pre-owned luxury fashion items from around the world.

4. Go Try It On

If you’re looking for comments on your outfit, it’s time for Go Try it On. Users upload pictures of themselves, with Instagram-like filters, and others vote whether to “wear it” or “change it.” You can post to the wider community or keep it private so that only your friends will view the image. You can also include context around the purpose of the outfit, like party, dinner, holiday etc. There’s an option to blur your facial features to maintain anonymity.

The app has partnered with Sephora, Net-a-Porter, Cut25, Barney’s and was acquired last year.

5. Snapette

Fashion apps 5

Snapette is designed to connect iPhone and Android owners with fashion merchandise in nearby stores. It now has over 2 million users. The company has partnered with more than 700 brands and retailers — some large, such as Nine West and Joie, others small. Together, they serve users an Instagram-like feed of new products as they arrive in stores, allowing instant shopping for some items. WWD said, “Snapette is transforming from a technology that drives foot traffic into stores to a tool that brings together the online and offline shopping experiences”

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