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Content, Bots & Bond (ish)

Here are a few interesting things which we thought you’d find useful.

How to create better content

Clients increasingly ask us how they can drive more efficiency from their Social content programmes. Coke have decided to centralise content – something that drives costs savings as well as higher quality.

Topshop, on the other hand, have created a campaign with relevant local content for 60,000 towns and villages round Europe – each got a localised advert, narrated by leading model Cara Delevingne, and locally targeted through social.

What should inspire your Social content?

We know from many tests that content created by fans is incredibly effective. So this speech by Lego’s lead digital marketer, Lars Silberbauer, stood out for us: Lego’s fans create 20 times more content than Lego themselves. This is especially impressive since Lego have over 500 people employed in content production.

Our view: Content production is now complex enough that centralisation often makes sense. Localisation and segmentation are powerful ways to drive up the impact of your content – but it’s best to do this at scale like Topshop.


Interest in Bots is taking off: We’ve launched 4 in our London office alone in the last month – and we’ve noticed something surprising that we were reminded of when reading the new book from Robert Cialdini, the godfather of behaviour change science. He points out the power of reciprocity – if you do something for somebody, they will help you out in return. We often see this in our work through Messenger Bots – even though they are clearly programmed to automatically reply, people often send real thanks to us. We can’t help saying thank you – even if it is to a machine.

Our view: If people are going out of their way to say thank you to a machine, it’s the start of something big. So we’re spending a lot of time building bots for clients & experimenting with them.


And on a related subject, this interview in the Harvard Business Review examines why using people who used to be hostile to your brand as spokespeople can be very effective: In short they are more credible.

Our view: Brands spend far too little of their efforts promoting their friends & allies. Easy to do – and much more credible than the brand.

Fun & tools

Spy vs Call centre: Adobe’s new ad imagines a James Bond type meeting bad customer services.

Career advice for President Obama – courtesy of OgilvyOne boss Brian Featherstonehaugh.

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