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6 "Do's" To Get You Thinking

As I’m often forgetting my hotel room number or what country I am in, I find lists comforting and helpful – technology has become my hedge against Alzheimer’s.

I don’t think anyone will argue the future is all about data. I think the creative question within this is – what do you DO with the data. How do you use it and make it of value.

I find at Ogilvy we’re very good at THINK. Creatively, I want to be more about DO.
Try these on for size.


  • Ask Why.
  • One of the biggest surprises around APAC is the simple acceptance of implied rules and clichés. Question everything. Look at something upside down. Try Uni. Be brave.
  • Know why.
  • Define what the problem is. There should be reason you’re doing what you’re doing. “I do banners” – hmmmm.
  • Connect.
  • Big Ideas in this age can not live in isolation, so its imperative that you reach out to all channels available to form your story. Be the consumer.
  • Lead
  • Don’t react – lead.
  • Too many times I have heard clients come in with laundry lists of asks – Facebook pages, Twitter groups, iPhone Apps, etc. and they have no idea WHY they want these. Innovate does not mean following.
  • Craft.
  • Make something beautiful. Ask yourself if you would buy this and is it memorable. If it isn’t – why do you think you’re client would think so ?
  • Sell.
  • I feel we’ve forgotten the art of selling. Create a story, create empathy, engage your client and solve his biggest problem. That’s what separates art from advertising.

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