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Social Matters Day 1- Notes from the Field

Just arrived early at the Ritz. It’s 8:15 a.m and I’m sorted with the pass and the wrist band ( I feel like a child in a fantasy park!). After injecting caffeine into my system( wohooo! dopamine) and some exquisite muffins, I’m ready to scribble snippets from the sessions today. And here’s my quick take:

Empowering creators and revolutionizing online video: Maker Studios and the future of entertainment

Session 1_Digital_matters

René Rechtman (President of Maker Studios), had an engaging session with Timothy DeLaGhetto (Rapper, Comedian & Vlogger), Gillian Tan (Founder of and Joseph Germani (Vlogger & Actor, Germani Productions) about the intersection of technology and creativity, changes in content consumption and engaging with Millenias.

The discussion combed through current trends in the Asian YouTube scene, where many new talents are turning to YouTube. DeLaGhetto shared that this was due to the more relatable experience that YouTube provides to both users and content creators. It’s a different form of entertainment as viewers are often sharing content ideas, which creates a win-win situation for both parties.

With a significant increase in the amount of content being created, more YouTube personalities are gaining immense popularity. Gillian Tan explained that this has led to a new type of ‘Celebrity’ – a Social Media Celebrity ( popularity of some, can be highly questionable).

Timothy DeLaGhetto then did an impromptu performance of one of his most viral songs, to much cheering from the “suits” in the audience, as he put it. 

Keeping you glued through content: A multiscreen perspective 



Nicholas Wodtke (Vice-President of Media Solutions Centre, Samsung) took to the stage to share his opinion that content curation is vital in an increasingly cluttered digital world.

His discussion stressed the importance of discovery and ensuring personalization and local relevancy of content over various platforms. Wodtke stated that the most valuable asset for a company to have about their consumers is mindshare.

Understanding what your consumers want and need is half the battle won. He summarised with his keys to success for technology corporations – define your company culture, have a clear vision, be authentic, choose one skill and do it well and eliminate any distractions.

IAB Agency leadership panel: What does the future for agencies look like in the digital age


Five industry leaders came together to discuss the future of agencies in this ever-evolving digital age. Some of the issues addressed the structured skeleton that most agencies run by, which acts as a hindrance in an age that requires companies to be more agile.

Susana Tsui, CEO of PHD said that this is one of their biggest challenges as constant feedback and approval is needed from clients which leads to marketers developing an aversion to risk taking. The overall agreement by the panel was a need to create an agency culture that focuses on agility and speed to keep up with the digital age.

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