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Asia's best in the Lions' den

There are three things Asia Pacific has done well with Cannes: craft, technology and emotion.

But until recently, creative from the region hasn’t always tied all three together successfully.

Last year’s runaway success at the festival, however, where the region took home a quarter of the vent’s trophies, hopefully shows that Asia has finally come into its own and that it wasn’t all thanks to McCann Melbourne’s ‘Dumb way to die’.

Ahead of the awards, we asked eight of the region’s leading creatives to select the work rom the past year that they believe will do well at Cannes. Surprisingly, not many of the selections this year were from Australia and this year seems to be Japan’s year to shine with nearly all creatives pointing to Honda’s ‘The sound of Senna’ as their top pick. Southeast Asia is also expected to do well, with choices from Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia on the list.

Top contenders:

Pampers ‘ZZZ Radio’, Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, Philippines

Honda ‘The sound of Senna’, Dentsu Tokyo

Bell-Net Obstetrics ‘Mother Book’, Dentsu Nagoya

– Guinness ‘Draught in a bottle, BBDO Singapore

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 2.56.23 PM


Allianz ‘Be OK’, Mercer Bell Sydney

Google Search ‘Reunion’, Ogilvy Mumbai

KFC ‘Phone Stack’, Proximity BBDO Malaysia

New Zealand Transport Agency ‘Mistakes’, Clemenger BBDO Wellington

Kirin Ichiban ‘Photogenic Beer’, Hakuhodo Japan

Shenyang Centre of Psychology Research, ‘Words as Weaons’, Ogilvy China


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