Pro Bono & Social Marketing Showcase 2010-2011

Every year Ogilvy offices around the world produce numerous campaigns on a pro bono basis as well as for paying clients that address some of the world's most pressing challenges – from global warming to domestic violence to the AIDS pandemic to endangered wildlife. The work we do helps organizations recruit new members, raise money and publicize important issues.

Fourteen of these campaigns were selected by WPP for inclusion in their annual Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report and website. The work featured here ran in 2010 and the first quarter of 2011. They have won awards, inspired movements and produced results for their respective causes.

You can view and download the entire WPP CR Report and see work from other WPP group companies here.


Category: Cause-Related Marketing/ Fundraising
Campaign: American Express Members Project
Client: American Express
Company: Ogilvy & Mather New York and Mindshare New York

Members Project® is an American Express initiative providing customers a means for giving to the causes they care about. Initially introduced in 2008, in 2010 Ogilvy and Mindshare helped American Express re-launch the Members Project. Ogilvy created TV spots featuring the inspiring life stories of Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Geoffrey Canada, founder of the Harlem Children's Zone, encouraging people to get involved and join the Members Project community.

American Express Members Project 2010

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Category: Pro Bono/ Local Community
Campaign: Generation Rwanda
Client: Generation Rwanda
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Los Angeles

Generation Rwanda helps orphans and vulnerable young people in Rwanda to pursue a university education. In 2010, the organization changed its name from "Orphans of Rwanda", and approached Ogilvy LA to help rebrand the organization.

Generation Rwanda

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Category: Environment/ Waste & Recycling
Campaign: iFold
Company: OgilvyEarth India

iFOLD is a new initiative at Ogilvy and OgilvyEarth, India, that encourages everyone to save paper by using smaller envelopes. The campaign reminds employees to ask themselves "can it be folded once more?" One extra fold means you can use a smaller envelope and create less paper waste. Various Ogilvy India clients have already signed up, including Vodafone, KFC and Coca-Cola.


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Category: Pro-Bono/ Arts
Campaign: Air Guitar
Client: The Song Room
Company: BADJAR Ogilvy Melbourne

Around one in four children in Australia don't have access to a music or art teacher. The Song Room (TSR) is a not-for-profit organization that provides a range of free educational arts programs to disadvantaged schools across Australia. In 2010, BADJAR Ogilvy Melbourne worked pro bono to highlight the importance of music education for children and to raise funds for TSR.

Air Guitar

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Category: Social Marketing/ Local Community
Campaign: Reserved & Home
Client: Habitat for Humanity
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Hungary

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that works to provide safe and decent housing for the poor. There are 1.2 million Hungarians living in decrepit conditions. In 2010 Ogilvy Hungary worked pro bono for Habitat for Humanity to raise awareness of the issue.

Habitat for Humanity

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Category: Social Marketing/ Health
Campaign: Born HIV Free Campaign
Client: The Global Fund
Company: Ogilvy PR Paris and Johannes Leonardo

The Global Fund is the world's largest international financing institution dedicated to supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The Global Funds key initiative, The Born HIV Free Campaign, aims to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2015. In 2010 both Johannes Leonardo and Ogilvy PR Paris partnered with the Global Fund to promote the campaign Born HIV Free campaign to World Leaders during the UN General Assembly and the Millennium Development Goals summit in New York in a bid to boost support for the Global Fund.

Born HIV Free

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Category: Social Marketing/ Environment
Campaign: What will it take before we respect the planet
Client: WWF
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Paris

In 2010 to mark the International Year of Biodiversity, Ogilvy Paris was commissioned by WWF to create a thought-provoking campaign to raise awareness of what is at stake when biodiversity is not respected. Ogilvy Paris designed a TV, print and internet campaign depicting wild animals in their natural environment tagged by graffiti paint in a bid to illustrate the deteriorating situation of nature by man.


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Category: Pro Bono/ Health
Campaign: Donate Your Website
Client: GRAACC
Company: OgilvyOne Brazil

GRAACC is a hospital in São Paulo offering free cancer treatment to children and adolescents. OgilvyOne Brazil worked pro bono to come up with the idea "Donate Your Website" to help raise donations for the hospital.


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Category: Social Marketing/ Environment
Campaign: Meltdown
Client: AICMED
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Kolkata

The All India Council for Mass Education and Development (AICMED) wanted to spread awareness among children about the perils of global warming. Ogilvy Kolkata created a campaign for AICMED in partnership with Rollick Ice Cream. Ice creams with special sticks were distributed at schools. As the children ate the ice creams, an image of a dead polar animal on the stick was revealed along with the lines "When polar ice melts, they die. Stop global warming." and the children were directed to to find out what they could do.


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Category: Social Marketing/ Environment
Campaign: Forest Fires
Client: WWF
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Bogota

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. At the same time, its native forests are under attack from people who accidently start fires. 95% of the fires caused in Colombia are man-made and only 5% caused by natural circumstances. Ogilvy Bogota worked with WWF to create a campaign that brought the forests plight to life and make the point clear that carelessness causes fires.

Forest Fires

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Category: Social Marketing/ Environment
Campaign: When You See Tuna, Think Panda
Client: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international marine wildlife conservation organization. Bluefin tuna is now on the brink of extinction due to industrial overfishing and it is predicted that breeding populations could disappear from oceans by 2012. Ogilvy Singapore launched the campaign "When you see a tuna, think panda" to make people aware that like the panda, bluefin tuna is critically endangered to the point of extinction.

When You See Tuna, Think Panda

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Category: Social Marketing/ Road Safety Awareness
Campaign: Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative
Client: AIP Foundation - The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation
Company: O&M Vietnam

The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation is a U.S registered organization that aims to reduce the rising number of traffic fatalities in developing Asian countries. In Vietnam road traffic crashes account for an average of 30 deaths per day, 11,060 deaths per year and 36,412 cases of severe brain damage and head injury per year. O&M worked with AIP Foundation to develop Vietnam's first ever independent public awareness campaign in this area.

AIP Foundation

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Category: Social Marketing/ Sustainability
Campaign: The Smarter City
Client: IBM
Company: Ogilvy & Mather North America

Launched in 2008, IBM's Smarter Planet campaign highlights the challenges facing society today and positions IBM as leading the transformation towards a more efficient, smarter world. In 2010 O&M worked to develop the next chapter to position IBM as a forward-looking brand. Smarter City illustrates how the challenges of rapidly growing cities can be resolved by driving sustainable growth and prosperity through the use of innovation and technology.

IBM Smarter City

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Category: Pro Bono
Campaign: "Ring the Bell"
Client: Breakthrough
Company: Ogilvy & Mather India

Breakthrough is a global human rights organization that uses the power of media and community mobilization to inspire people to take action for dignity, equality and justice. In 2010 O&M India created an awareness campaign - "Bell Bajao" ("Ring the Bell") – to encourage men to bring domestic violence to a halt.

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