Best of Ogilvy Volume 6 Introduction - Miles Young


We have The Best of Ogilvy 6, but we had no Ogilvy "grimoire" to help create it. The exciting thing about the work here is that it came—after a certain point—naturally. Of course, there are plenty of people who will try to reduce our business to specific formulae. That's false magic, hack magic.

We can all understand why. Formulae please the tidy side of our minds, and tidiness in a commercial world, where risk is too often seen as a danger and too rarely as an opportunity, is a great palliative.

The reason that this work has come naturally is that it is rooted in a profound understanding of the problems it is solving. Great work comes from great briefs. We have a passionate belief in knowing more about what we are trying to do.

But then there comes the point where the knowledge leaves off—where untidy magic takes over.

And of the branches of magic, it must be alchemy that offers the best analogy to the creative process. I am proud that we have turned a lot of base metal into gold.

In an entirely different context, I have recently been reading about Paracelsus. This 16th century Swiss was arguably one of the greatest physicians (and alchemists) of all time. He had a very profound insight:

Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided.

After a certain point, communication is not only a science, it is also an art. The better the science, the better the art. I hope this book will be proof that the art of true magic is something to be embraced and not run away from.

Thanks to Khai and all our wonderful magicians.

 Miles Young
Miles Young
Worldwide Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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