Miles YoungThe “year of wonders” is captured in this treasure chest, or what in Renaissance Germany would be called a schatzkammer. For the discerning and curious collector it provided an opportunity to show off the wonders. This book fulfills the same purpose.

And it is a wonderful collection.

To me, it embodies perfectly the new world of creativity. “Pervasive” is a word we use a lot to describe it. In the past, creativity was considerably more “invasive”: its role literally was to invade your private space. The digital revolution has changed that for good. The best work pervades. It surrounds, follows and entices the customer. It does not know fixed boundaries and it treats you with respect. Just consider, as a perfect example, the wonder that is the Coca-Cola promotion on page 167. It is brave; it is original; it is innovative — and it pervades irresistibly.

My profound thanks go to Khai for his superb leadership, and to all his teams, who have pushed us up into the clean, pure air this year.

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