Khai The scholars among you will immediately recognise the title as Latin for “year of wonders.” Historians apply the words to years in which great things happen. Such as in 1953, when man first conquered Everest.

For us at Ogilvy & Mather, this has also been an annus mirabilis, the year in which we were crowned Network of the Year at Cannes for the first time in our history.

It seemed only fitting, therefore, to invite David Ogilvy to join us on the cover, in celebration of our triumph. There is no doubt it would have given him great pleasure. But there is another aspect to our recent win that, I suspect, would have pleased him even more.

Because we climbed two Everests this year, not one. In addition to Cannes Network of the Year, we were also named Effie’s Agency of the Year. This is the ultimate endorsement of our Twin Peaks strategy — Pervasive Creativity combined with effectiveness.

This is the true test of an agency’s greatness. It means we are not just great showmen, but great salesmen and women.

As we know, David Ogilvy spent his formative years selling AGA cookers door-to-door during the Great Depression. He summed up the experience in one memorable sentence, “If you don’t sell, you don’t eat.”

It was this philosophy that influenced and shaped his entire life in advertising.

It gives me great pleasure, therefore, to present to you some of the great work that contributed to our year of wonders. My thanks go to the teams responsible for the gems represented here—for their guts, determination, hard work and creative brilliance. Similarly, I would like to thank the Creative Council, who worked so hard judging the work.

The standard was up right across the board. But this being a foreword, in which we look forward, it is only fair to say there is still room for improvement. We still need to raise our game in some areas. I would like to see more great digital work, more outstanding mobile and more social engagement. I’d like to see more engagement with our friends in Silicon Valley. And let’s create more films packing a powerful emotional punch, the sort of emotional payload that cinema was designed for.

So, please enjoy the work in this book, but let it also inspire you to even greater achievements.

After scaling two Everests this year, the question naturally arises, “Where do we go from here?” The answer is simple: Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador. Apparently, it is higher than Everest because of the way the Earth bulges at the equator.

Put on those crampons!

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