Pro Bono & Social Marketing Showcase 2012-2013

Each year Ogilvy & Mather offices around the world produce numerous campaigns on a pro bono basis as well as for paying clients that address some of the world's most pressing challenges – from environmental protection to wildlife conservation to child abuse prevention to poverty reduction and more. The work we do helps organizations recruit new members, raise money and publicize important issues.

Below is a selection of this type of work that has been selected by our parent company WPP for inclusion in their annual Sustainability Report and website. These campaigns have won awards, inspired movements and produced results for their respective causes.

1Campaign: The Journey of Hope
Client: KFC
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg, Ogilvy Public Relations Johannesburg,
MEC Access South Africa and Mindshare South Africa

Add Hope is a KFC initiative where customers are offered the option of donating R2 to help feed a hungry child by adding a "fictitious" side item to their meal. For the 2012 campaign, Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg collaborated with Ogilvy Public Relations Johannesburg, MEC Access South Africa and Mindshare South Africa. The South African adventurer Riaan Manser was enlisted to cycle a 4,100km route in the shape of the word "hope" while subsiding on just half the calories his body needed. Riaan stopped off along the route to meet the people being helped by Add Hope's partner charities. In-store and outdoor material promoted the campaign, and a website allowed people to track Riaan's progress. Twitter followers could tweet the adventurer extra calories by using the #AddHope hashtag and weekly TV episodes documented his journey.

The Journey of Hope culminated in an event in Johannesburg where the KFC staff walked the final 2km with Riaan to the finish line. Donations for the year peaked at R12.6 million, up 33% on the previous year.

2 Campaign: Chalo Paltai (Let's Change)
Client: Star Jalsha
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Kolkata

In India over 150,000 tons of vinyl flex, a material used in advertising billboards, is disposed of every day. Typically this waste is burnt in landfills, contributing to air pollution. Star Jalsha, India's leading Bengali general entertainment channel, wanted to tackle this problem by changing the way it disposed of its advertising billboards.

Ogilvy & Mather Kolkata created a campaign in the spirit of Star Jalsha's brand philosophy Chalo Paltai, which means Let's change. Instead of sending old billboards to landfill, the vinyl flex was extracted and recycled into reusable objects like shopping bags and tablemats. O&M designed the items and distributed them for free around Kolkata. Radio spots, a micro-website and Facebook were used to promote the campaign.

Several prominent figures from the Bengali "lm industry joined the initiative. To date, Star Jalsha has recycled almost 1,700 tons of vinyl flex.

In 2013, Star Jalsha won the Sustainable Marketing Excellence award at the Bloomberg Brand Leadership Awards for its Chalo Paltai initiative.

3Campaign: Through Their Eyes
Client: ORBIS
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong

Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong was briefed to create a fundraising campaign for ORBIS, an international charity operating a modified aircraft as a mobile eye hospital to treat patients in developing countries.

The resulting Through Their Eyes campaign helped people experience a visual impairment first hand. ORBIS pin badges, the organization's primary fundraising channel, were redesigned as a series of hand-held lenses, which mimic the effect of different visual impairments. Visually distorted print work, which ran in out-of-home media, supported the pin sales. In addition, an ORBIS mobile app distorted the image created by the phone camera.

The pro bono campaign, which won a Cannes Lion and Effie Award, has generated HK$4.1 million of media coverage and resulted in HK$1.8 million in donations, up 34% from the previous years

4Campaign: Wedge
Client: Shake It Up Australia Foundation
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Sydney

In 2012, Ogilvy & Mather Sydney worked pro bono to raise awareness of the Shake It Up Australia Foundation, an organization raising money for Parkinson's disease research. O&M produced wooden wedges inscribed with the message that 30 Australians are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease every day. The wedges were placed under tables in cafés and restaurants across Sydney on World Parkinson's Day (April 11). The stunt was designed to get people thinking about Parkinson's and help them realize that it isn't just "an old people's disease"; in fact, roughly 10% of people diagnosed are in their 20s and 30s. People's reactions to the wobbly tables and the message inscribed were filmed and made into a mini-documentary.

The film was used to amplify the message and ignite further discussion through media and editorial resulting in a 400% increase in visitors to

5Campaign: Skin
Client: PETA Asia
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Beijing

Millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry each year with China being the world's largest fur exporter. In 2012, Ogilvy & Mather Beijing worked pro bono for PETA Asia to raise awareness of unethical fur farming practices and discourage consumers from purchasing fur products. They created a provocative video depicting animals wearing human skin for fashion which asks viewers to treat animals with the same respect they treat people.

The video was launched on popular Chinese video-sharing websites like Youku and Tudou and was viewed over 1 million times in just a few days. Numerous Chinese celebrities, including Mavis Fan and Chet Lam, promoted the video on their personal social media profiles.

The Skin campaign won several creative industry awards both locally and regionally, including three awards at the Spikes Asia Advertising Festival and a Bronze award at the London International Awards.

"We believe the film's emotional appeal has the power to deliver real behavior change.
We're very excited about the video's potential reach as its powerful message transcends cultures and borders."

Ashley Fruno
Senior campaigner, PETA Asia

6Campaign: Ad Makeover
Client: Dove
Company: Ogilvy & Mather London

Dove's mission is to make women feel more beautiful, but a worldwide study revealed that only 4% of women describe themselves this way. Negative banner advertisements target and reinforce insecurities.

Ogilvy & Mather London launched the Ad Makeover campaign that empowered women to displace negative ads with positive messages. This was achieved by using an app that outbids ads with negative keywords, ensuring that space would be won by messages that make women feel beautiful instead.

The campaign sparked an international media debate on the use of online advertising. Users displaced over 171 million banners, and there was a 41% increase in mentions of Dove on Facebook. 71% of women polled claimed to feel more beautiful after the Ad Makeover and the campaign won a string of awards, including two Silver Lions at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

7Campaign: Pixelated Truth
Client: Reporters Without Borders
Company: Memac Ogilvy Dubai

The problem with censorship is not just the withdrawal of information but the fact that it distorts the truth and creates a new story. In 2012, Memac Ogilvy Dubai worked on a pro bono basis for Reporters Without Borders to draw attention to its fight for press freedom. Three press ads present leading political figures with enough distortion of their hands to suggest unseemly gestures. The campaign sparked a global discussion about censorship. The campaign was recognized by the advertising industry winning awards at Cannes, One Show, D&AD, Clio, Epica, LIA, Dubai Lynx and Golden Drum.

8Campaign: Donate Your Fame
Client: GRAACC
Company: OgilvyOne Sao Paulo

GRAACC is a hospital in Sao Paulo that offers free treatment for children with cancer. In 2012, OgilvyOne Sao Paulo worked pro bono to promote the institution and increase donations. Popular Brazilian celebrities were asked to donate their Twitter profiles for one day to a child suffering from cancer. The children's tweets - which ranged from them talking about their day-to-day routine, to discussing their hopes and dreams - reached 24 million Twitter users. As a result of the campaign, donations increased by 4,760% compared to the same period in 2010.

9Campaign: I Can't Wait
Client: ISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Dublin

The ISPCC is the only Irish organisation which provides 24/7 hour support services for children through their Childline service. They receive no Government funding and despite their best efforts, nearly 40% of the 2000 calls they receive daily go unanswered. In 2012, Ogilvy Dublin was briefed to increase awareness of their work and encourage people to donate. Focussing on child-centric times of the year such as Halloween and Christmas, Ogilvy worked pro bono to created press, radio, outdoor , TV and ambient executions which show that children living with abuse can't wait to grow up. The multi-award winning campaign creative captured the public imagination and stoked national debate. Donations to the ISPCC rose by 6% year-on-year and volunteer numbers rose by 25%. The ISPCC website attracted unprecedented traffic levels and over 1,700 more children contacted the charity's services during the period.

10Campaign: You know when you shouldn't be driving
Client: TopGear Magazine
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam

For TopGear magazine Ogilvy Amsterdam developed a social awareness campaign to prevent people from drinking and driving. An full page optical illusion was printed in the magazine allowing readers to visually experience the effects alcohol can have.

11Campaign: Project Silverline
Client: SingTel
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

About 8% of Singapore population is over 60 and this is estimated to increase to 19% by 2030. In order to prevent this ageing populations from being left behind by the digital revolution, SingTel partnered with Newton Circus and OgilvyOne to create Silverline: five user-friendly apps specifically tailored to the elderly's needs. One app is designed to detect falls and will notify a carer via email, whilst another has large icons which when pressed with call the emergency services. The apps were installed on old iPhones and distributed to the elderly. SingTel is sponsoring the talk time and data usage for one year and encouraging people to donate old iPhones in their stores. OgilvyPR helped generate widespread media publicity for the Silverline launch. Silverline was awarded a silver in the mobile apps category at the 2012 Creative Circle Awards in Singapore and the prestigious FWA (Favorite Website Awards) Mobile of the Day Award for cutting-edge creativity.

12Campaign: Answers, 2012
Client: Siemens AG
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt

The 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster prompted German government to implement an "energy turnaround", namely phasing out nuclear power plants and focusing on increasing the production of renewable energy. Ogilvy Frankfurt helped position Siemens as an opinion leader in the energy debate by placing a newspaper ad. The ad featured Siemens CEO Peter Löscher discussing the Fukishima disaster and outlining his firm belief that the energy turnaround is perfectly feasible. This ad forms part of Answers, an on-going campaign demonstrating how Siemens is developing technology to tackle some of the world's toughest challenges. The German Siemens website received a record number of hits in the week the ad was published. Also as part of Answers, Ogilvy created a series of 15 second TV ads to show how Siemens technology allows businesses and cities to grow more sustainably.

13Campaign: The Horizons Project
Client: DuPont
Company: OgilvyEntertainment

Recognizing the need to confront the pressing challenges our world will face over the next decade, OgilvyEntertainment created The Horizons Project to reinforce DuPont as a cutting-edge scientific thought leader and global partner in addressing these challenges. The Horizons Project, which has won over 20 industry awards to date in competitions including the One Show, Telly's, ECHO's, American Business Awards, and Brave Awards, consists of four key elements:

  1. Horizons, a broadcast series featuring the business leaders and companies who are tackling our world's greatest challenges. Now in its second season on BBC World News, it has been broadcast to a global audience of 358 million households.
  2. Stories of Inclusive Innovation, a series of two-minute documentary-style commercials aired during Horizons commercial breaks and manifest some of DuPont's most important collaborations.
  3. International thought leadership summits in areas including India, Turkey, Brazil, and Indonesia translate the global concerns of the Horizons series into local debates.
  4. A comprehensive digital strategy, including the microsite supports the entire project.

14Campaign: MAN Kann (MAN Can)
Client: MAN SE
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt

Most people think of MAN as a manufacturer of utility vehicles. Few people though are aware that beside its truck and bus division, MAN is a globaly player in the field of marine engineering, turbo machinery and turbines. In 2010, Ogilvy Frankfurt launched a campaign to position the company as leader in the fields of energy, transport and green technologies. In 2012, the agency developed a series of topical ads takling these issues and demonstrating MAN's continued search for sustainable solutions.

15Campaign: Summer Fire Safety Campaign
Client: Department of Justice
Company: BADJAR Ogilvy Australia

Recent research has highlighted that despite frequent and sometimes devastating bushfires, 70% of people living in high risk areas do not have or know their fire plan. BADJAR Ogilvy was asked by the Victorian Department of Justice to develop a campaign to increase awareness of the risks associated with bushfires and encourage people to develop fire plans. The resulting hard hitting campaign shaked people out of their complacency, instilled a sense of responsibility on the individual to be prepared and compelled them to act. The campaign extended across TV, Radio, Print and Outdoor, with all work supporting one core message: Don't risk your life or the life of your family by not being prepared for a Fire.

16Campaign: The Return of Dictator Ben Ali
Client: Engagement Citoyen
Company: Memac Ogilvy Label Tunis

After the fall of Tunisian dictator Ben Ali, political confusion overwhelmed voters resulting in widespread apathy and a prediction that only 55% of Tunisians would vote in their first free and fair elections. Tunisian NGO Engagement Citoyen re-ignite peoples political enthusiasm and encourage them to vote. Memac Ogilvy Label created a giant poster of Ben Ali and placed it La Goulette, the port of Tunis. The poster provoked protests leading people to tear it down. When they did they discovered another poster underneath warning them that 'Don't let dictatorship return, vote'. The campaign went viral immediately. Visits to the Engagement Citoyen website increase by over 450% and the campaign aired on all Tunisian and Arabic news channels. The campaign won three Gold Cannes Lion and successfully mobilized Tunisians for democracy, achieving a voter turnout of 88%.

17Campaign: Comfort One Rinse
Client: Unilever
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan aims to change the domestic routines of millions people and to provide 60 million households in water-scarce countries with laundry products that deliver excellent cleaning but use less water, by 2020.
As part of this plan Unilever launched Comfort One Rinse, a fabric conditioner which removes detergent foam in just one rinse, saving 20 liters of water every wash.
In 2013, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore created a campaign to promote the new product and its water saving features. They developed two films which were released on U.N. World Water Day together with local activation events. In 2012 One Rinse products were used in 1.4 billion washes in 28.7 million households worldwide.

18Campaign: Smoking Kid
Client: Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Company: Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (THPF) is an NGO which helps people quit smoking through practical tips and advice. In 2012, Ogilvy Bangkok was tasked with creating a campaign that would encourage people to call their hotline. Rather than bombarding people with smoking related health risks, which most smokers are already aware of, Ogilvy decided to take a different tack. Two children were hired to approach smokers and ask for a light. The smokers all refused and lectured the children on the dangers of smoking. They were then handed a THPF brochure which asked "You worry about me, but why not about yourself?" The exchanges were filmed and broadcast on YouTube where within just three days they garnered over 5 million views. The video attracted local and international journalists who discussed the campaign on Thailand's top news outlets, as well as Al Jazeera, Reuters and Fox News to name a few. The campaign was recognized at the Spikes Asia and Cannes Lions awards. Most importantly, calls to the THPF hotline increased by 40%.

Many Ogilvy Hands
Company: Ogilvy & Mather UK

Now in its third year, the Many Ogilvy Hands project has sent over 100 volunteers from Ogilvy & Mather's UK offices and raised nearly £200,000 to help aid the growth of secondary education in Uganda by building a secondary school in the rural village of Buikwe. So far, two secondary school buildings and a support facility have been constructed and currently 390 children now attend classes. Whilst helping with the construction, volunteers also prepare lesson plans and teach classes. O&M employees personally sponsor 85 of the school's children which provides their fees, uniforms and food, helping to nurture a new generation of Ugandans to learn and achieve.

A third school block is currently under construction and by the end of the five-year project the school will have places for 600 students. O&M is currently working to encourage a number of O&M offices in Europe and North America to also lend their hands to the project.

Date: July 12, 2013