we sell in recession or else


Bank of Communications created a points rewarding promotion campaign to stimulate card spending during weekends.
If card holders use their card during weekends, they will be rewarded up to a 100X promotion rewards points, the highest scored customers will stand to win weekly attractive prizes and the monthly big prize is chance to turn your promotion rewards points into real reward points. But the mechanics of the promotion is a little complicated to understand.

The objective of campaign site is as following:

  • Clearly explain campaign mechanism. Page per visits is 20% higher than avg.
  • Share workload of call center. Client expects 30% of users can register in online platform and registration number can exceed 20K.


recession_target_ markets 
All Bank of Communications credit card users.

They live in 1st or 2nd tier cities, working during Monday to Friday and will get out meeting friends or spending happy time with family during the weekend.

They are loyal to Bank of Communications and will pay attention to credit card promotion. They are happy to have discount or points rewards. But expect it simple & won’t take too effort to gain.

They usually spend a lot of time in online to find check out information and playing fun games, watching interesting videos/movies and share useful contents with friends.


The strategy is creating an easy way for users to understand reward points mechanism and register though interesting online game:  Defeat Miss Jin.

Miss Jin is a very smart penny pincher. This character we created has varies emotional reaction as card member go through the 6 stage challenge to earn a 100 X promotion rewards points. Through this 6 stages, card members will have a very clear idea about the how to earn a 100X rewards points then finally to register and participate in the real game. And the registration is easy to finish.

bank of communications credit card website


The campaign has delivered outstanding results

campaign results

  • 8.58 pages/visit. 171% Higher than KPI. (BOCOMM AVG. = 4.11; Campaign KPI = 5 )
  • 30,093 valid registrations which is an increase of 150%* and take around 50% of the whole registrations. Comparable to call center registration.
    * Compare to their usual registration for credit card promotion is about 20,000/campaign)

recession downlaod pdf

Date: December 02, 2009
Office: Ogilvy & Mather China