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  • Why have some firms done better in China?

  • What have firms done, besides taking advantage of the economic stimulus package, which has helped tide them over during the financial crisis?

  • What is the way forward? Is there going to be a shakeout when growth has been regained?

These are just some of the questions that are on the mind of every business person and policymaker, as the ships start moving and consumer confidence rises.

At Ogilvy & Mather, we're extremely conscious of how businesses must learn from every experience, be they positive or negative. Last year, we drew upon our long experience to suggest the kind of smart strategies businesses could employ to overcome the downturn, in

As China leads the world out of the downturn, we find ourselves uniquely placed to comment on how the recovery has been possible. Our consumer insight and thought leadership program, Discovery, delves into the business and consumer culture on an ongoing basis to try and bring you the implications of the changes which drive the fortunes of brands. Through our numerous, deeply grounded studies, which use a blend of social science, cultural study and business experience, we have constantly strived to create a granular portrait of a complex society, one that compels businesses to think deeper about what lies ahead. While we believe that the insights we unearth helps us create brands which are more rooted in reality, we also know that the application of these insights can have wider impact – on business itself, on employees and supply chain, on wider stakeholders.

The intent of this paper is as much to provoke thought, as to start a conversation. Through the interviews and research we bring to the table, we hope to widen your perspective and give you a glimpse (and analysis) of how others are thinking and behaving.

"An Ogilvy Perspective on Emerging from the Downturn in China" was authored by Kunal Sinha, Executive Director – Discovery, Ogilvy & Mather Greater China, and Sophie Su, Associate Consumer Insight Director.

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Author: Kunal Sinha and Sophie Su
Date: October 13, 2009