women in their digital domains...digital paths to seeking, sharing & shopping

digital divas introduction

There's no question: the world has gone digital. This monumental shift in communications has greatly affected consumers' lives and brought about dramatic changes in marketing. For American women, who still make the majority of household purchases, digital communications fulfill unique needs – seeking and sharing of information, building and maintaining personal and professional networks, and of course online shopping. According to a new study, Women in Their Digital Domain, these activities offer marketers engaging ways to connect digitally savvy, female buyers with their brands.

digital divas

The goal of the study, conducted in partnership with Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, WPP's Mindshare and Microsoft Advertising, was to understand how marketers can make best use of all that the digital realm has to offer. Focus groups, ethnographic research, media diaries and surveys of more than 6,000 women helped to answer these three questions:

Q: How are women of all ages and lifestages using technology?
Q: How can brands leverage digital media and tools to deepen their relationship with women?
Q: How can we create and build true brand engagement in the digital space?

women in the know

This quantitative study revealed three segments of digital sophistication among. Most are quite modest when it comes to their digital proficiency; the majority, 75 percent, of women consider themselves Mainstream Digital Users. Sixteen percent are true tech leaders who we call the Digital Divas. This group says they use more sophisticated technology than the average person and is seen as someone who is “in the know” and on the cutting edge of technology.

percentage of digital divas

why brands should care

The study helped to quantify the importance of digital media for packaged goods clients such as Kimberly Clark, Kraft Foods and Unilever. By developing a better understanding of their consumers' digital activities, these brands can pursue targeted engagement opportunities that perhaps will improve and solidify their brand's image.

Here's what the study revealed about "Digital Divas"
22%                 shop at least once a day
92%                 pass along information about deals to others
171                  the average number of contacts in their email or mobile lists
58%                 would get of their TV before their mobile device        

proportion of digital divas by age         

With greater accessibility, rich content and a communal environment, digital media have become an indispensable component in women's lives.

digital diva study

To take a deeper look at women in their digital domain and what that means to marketers, please email Graceann.Bennett@ogilvy.com for more information and a copy of the study.  Please cc her assistant, Teresita.Montano@ogilvy.com on all requests.

Author: Graceann Bennett, Ogilvy, Beth Uyenco, Microsoft Advertising and Debbie Solomon, Mindshare
Date: August 12, 2009