WPP's O&M and Millward Brown launch the Brand Cross-Cultural Index

The Brand Cross Cultural Index
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Another advertising industry first, The Brand Cross-Cultural Index (BCCI), Powered by BrandZ™ is an innovation brought to market by Ogilvy & Mather and Millward.  The first equity assessment tool of its kind, powered by the world’s largest brand equity database, it assesses and ranks brands based on their appeal to non-Hispanic White, Hispanic, Black and Asian consumers.

Leveraging the BrandZ™ database and using Millward Brown’s Meaningfully Different brand equity framework, the BCCI provides two core solutions: a BCCI ranking that identifies brands best at nurturing a meaningful connection with consumers across segments; and Brand Power, a predictive model of a brand’s volume share based purely on perception, absent of activation factors.

Using an expanded ethnic sample, the tool assessed 58 brands in three industries: Quick Service Restaurants, or QSR, ($120 billion total value), Retail Banking ($165 billion), and Beer ($92 billion), with plans for additional categories in 2014.

We developed a simple hypothesis: A brand that appeals to consumers across ethnic segments increases its brand “Power”, or consumers’ predisposition to choose that brand over another. The Brand Cross-Cultural Index (BCCI) provides two main solutions:

  • A BCCI Ranking that identifies brands doing the best job at nurturing a meaningful connection with consumers across all racial or ethnic segments of the population, including Whites. The analysis also determines a brand’s Multicultural Opportunity(MCO), which helps identify segments driving the BCCI up or down – multicultural or White consumers.

  • Brand Power, a cross-cultural equity analysis that allows brand owners to pinpoint growth opportunities and understand the revenue potential of dialing up various marketing levers within and/or across groups.

  • A syndicated tool that looks at different industries, the BCCI serves as a valuable benchmark instrument for marketers seeking to grow their brands in today’s diverse and evolving marketplace.

80% of the growth within the US population over the next five years will come from ethnic consumers. After reviewing the Brand Cross-Cultural Index you should understand the following about this important market segment:

  1. Brand value and ranking for three major industry categories and why brand and marketing leaders need to understand how ethnic consumers impact their brand and share value.

  2. It is no longer acceptable to frame your business as General Market or Multi-cultural, Total Market is the third emerging business vertical.

  3. The cross-cultural discipline works both ways in delivering brand value across segments as well as deep connections with nuances within the New Marketplace.

Date: December 11, 2013