Advertising Week Panel, Questions from Pundits

John Seifert, Lars Bastholm and Steve Simpson Respond

NEW YORK, NY, September 24, 2010 –  It’s not everyday that the industry’s toughest critics and change agents are given an open platform to challenge how a leading agency works in today’s changing landscape, but that’s exactly what Ogilvy & Mather is doing in its “Inside a Big Dumb Agency” panel during Advertising Week.

The multimedia session features randomly generated questions filmed with industry figures Jonah Bloom, Cindy Gallop, Lynne D Johnson, George Parker, Mike Lebowitz, Jonah Peretti, John Winsor, Adam Wohl and others. Responding to the hard-hitting questions is Ogilvy's leadership team of John Seifert, Steve Simpson and Lars Bastholm.

The questions posed go to the heart of how agencies today must adapt to new realities and pointedly call out practices of large agencies vs. those of smaller and newer companies. 

Contact: Toni Lee
Date: September 24, 2010
Office: New York