Ogilvy New Zealand Launches RedBox

AUCKLAND, September 29, 2009 – Ogilvy New Zealand launches a new service that solves the technical and strategic hurdles of establishing a database marketing programme. The solution, called RedBox, makes it easier than ever for marketers to run a customer database, send targeted communications, discover powerful insights and, most of all, drive incremental sales and loyalty. No other ad agency has a database marketing solution this comprehensive.

 “RedBox is ideal for any client aiming to build a database of 20,000-500,000 customers,” says Paul Hickey, RedBox Strategic Planner at Ogilvy NZ, where RedBox is already in action for Life Pharmacy, PlaceMakers, BP’s Wild Bean Café and L’Oreal’s "My Lancome" programme.

Hickey says RedBox has been developed in-house at Ogilvy and comes standard with all the systems, security, connections and admin tools that marketers need to manage direct two-way relationships with their customers. “It’s database marketing, out of the box.”

“At the heart of the solution is an integrated data management service that operates on a cloud-computing model,” says Hickey. “This is good news for marketers eager to reap the benefits of database marketing, but unsure of the technology and nervous of the cost.”

“It’s amazingly cost-effective because marketers don’t need to set up their own dedicated servers or license expensive software. The cloud-computing model adopted by RedBox means that you simply rent the infrastructure you need instead of buying it,” Hickey adds. “It’s a genuine ‘Google generation’ solution applied to database marketing.”

But Hickey says the RedBox solution doesn’t stop at just managing customer databases. “We also show you how to put your database to work to measurably drive customer sales and engagement. In fact, RedBox offers marketers a complete set of end-to-end database marketing tools, all integrated with the RedBox database.”

With RedBox, clients can discover critical insights through customer research, analytics and segmentation, get strategic planning, develop creative for communications, build data-driven websites, execute email, text and mail marketing campaigns, check results via a suite of live online reports, and much more. It’s also ideal for running longer-term customer loyalty and engagement programmes.

Hickey is enthusiastic about the opportunities RedBox will provide in the marketplace. RedBox offers a complete and affordable database package to companies that don’t have the desire, or the means, to set up their own in-house operation.

“It may be a new brand, but RedBox has blue-chip credentials. Right now, RedBox is making a difference for four Ogilvy clients but it has much to offer companies not even aligned to Ogilvy.

Who are the key people behind RedBox?

  • Paul Hickey is Strategic Planner for RedBox, and has a multi-award-winning track record in direct and database marketing strategy for Ogilvy NZ.
  • RedBox’s Data Services Director is David George, former data guru at PMP Micromarketing and direct agency Robbins Brandt Richter.
  • The technical brains behind the RedBox system is Technology Director Hans Frane Karaman, whose deep experience in marketing systems architecture stretches back over more than a decade at Visible Results, Atlantis and Proximity ID.

For more information:
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Contact: Kathy Cunningham
Date: September 29, 2009
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