M6 mobile & Ogilvy Paris Ask: What's Your IQ?

PARIS, October 13, 2011 – Following the launch of the new communication platform of M6 mobile, leading mobile provider in France for the youth target group ages 13-25, Ogilvy & Mather Paris launches a facebook App named by “FPA” (Favorite Profile Awards), which intuitively monitors and measures a user’s profile influence on Facebook.

m6 mobile FPA“Today, it’s about defining your digital identity. It’s about How many friends do I have on FB? How many LIKES do I have on my content postings?,” said Fred Levron, Ogilvy Paris’s Head of Digital and Brand Entertainment. 

With this insight, Ogilvy developed a TV campaign that plays on the humor of just how much influence the coolest guy who is the coolest has. Watch the TVC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IblA_Q3JU8o.

“From here,” Frederic Levron continued, “we came up with a simple idea: Why not give these users the utility to immediately calculate your profile influence vs. your friends? And, why not make it into a game, a challenge? So, we did! We call it the Favorite Profile Awards whereby each day the coolest profile is called out.”

The principle is quite simple. Users just have to log on M6 mobile facebook page to access the FPA tab. Once they’ve applied their influence score is automatically calculated based on their Facebook activity. The more likes and comments they receive, the higher their score gets! Every day, every month and every year, the highest score will be designated as FPA of the period and promoted on the app… and for the FPAs of the month and FPA of the year, M6 mobile plans to make them stars in the real world!

The app will also identify and promote the hottest content shared by the fans, connecting them to the hottest content in the world.

Much more than classical media tactics, Facebook will allow M6 mobile by Orange to connect everyday to its target and give them the power to define who is the most influent of its generation.

The FPA App is available at facebook.com/m6mobile.

International Press Contact Ogilvy France
Kim Ball – kim.ball@ogilvy.com

About Ogilvy & Mather France
Ogilvy & Mather, France is an advertising agency within the Ogilvy network and a part of WPP, one of the largest communication conglomerates in the world. Key clients of Ogilvy France include Louis Vuitton, Dove, Perrier, Ford, IBM, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Duracell, WWF, Vittel… among others.

About M6 mobile by Orange
M6 mobile by Orange was established June 2005 from the alliance of expertise and from the the power of the brands Orange and M6.  It is the 1st operator who proposed fixed prices with unlimited calls; the brand, at count, services 2 million customers.

Contact: Kim Ball
Date: October 13, 2011
Office: Paris