Ogilvy & Mather Paris Supports Unicef

To Reconstruct the Schools of Haiti

PARIS, October 19, 2010 - Ogilvy & Mather Paris joins Unicef to reconstruct the schools of Haiti.  Several months after the earthquake, the call for help remains: 4,200 schools were destroyed in a country where only 50% of the children are in school to begin with.   The reconstruction of the schools means the return of education for the children, as well as a return to a life that feels somewhat normal. Equally important, it’s today’s generations that will participate tomorrow in the reconstruction and development of their country.

This past May, the first airing of the campaign began with a universal symbol that touched the world: a photo of the country’s devastation.  What better way to understand the extent of the devastation than to show the reality of it?   With this objective in mind, Vincent Dixon portrays the schools of Gonaïves overlaid with a school in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince.   

On October 4, the first day of school, Unicef decided to increase the awareness of the planned reconstruction to the world by showing thousands of school boys working to rebuild their schools and placing outdoor billboards in front of the entrance of several schools in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.  The outdoor posters are the final result of several photos overlaid on the school front structure to create an optical illusion —starting with the shot of an elementary school placed on the school entrance and just right of the children. This was then covered with a gigantic poster that transformed the image of the school into ruins.  The last picture overlaid shows a line of Haitian children placed in front of the school entrance.  The communication underscores the fact that in Haiti, thousands of children are waiting to be able to return to school and motivates the public to act by going to http://www.unicef.fr

The campaign can be followed on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaB0KcE5cno

This initiative by Ogilvy Paris and Unicef is in keeping with its partnership for more than a year.
Unicef to Reconstruct the Schools of Haiti

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Agency                     Ogilvy & Mather Paris
Client                        Unicef
Campaign                  Haïti School Urgent
Creative Directors     Chris Garbutt & Luc Chomarat
Art Directors             Mathias Laurent & Grégoire Louzon
Copy Writer              Pierre Clavaud
Photographer            Vincent Dixon
Production                 Kilato
Art Buyer                   Laurence Nahmias
Agency Leads            Natalie Rastoin, Benoit de Fleurian, Bruno Britsch
Clients, Unicef            Gérard Bocquenet, Ann Avril, Bénédicte Jeannerod, Christine Chevalier, Anne Ferre

Contact: Kim Ball
Date: October 19, 2010
Office: Paris