Ogilvy & Mather Paris Launches New Scrabble Delire

Paris (November 1, 2010) — With the ambition to launch to the French market a new Scrabble that breaks the rules of the well-known Scrabble Classic and to entice sales of the new game during the upcoming holiday period, Mattel France looked to Ogilvy Paris. 

The creative idea by Ogilvy was to explain the new fun rules of Scrabble Delire by showing the zaniness of the new game in action. To believe it, is to see it.  In the new Scrabble Delire, players can now propose proper nouns, create words in reverse direction and even create a new word without building from an existing letter tile on the board.  With the intent to demonstrate this, Ogilvy choreographed the movement of more than 60 of the well-known Scrabble game tiles on the exterior face of an enormous building in Berlin where actors were dressed up in costumes to portray the word in play.  With spectators ranging in ages 6 to 60 looking on in wonderment, the experience of playing Scrabble Delire was dramatically brought to life.

To make a fully integrated campaign, Ogilvy filmed the craziness of the action that took place with the use of six strategically placed “hidden” cameras.   With every possible action captured on film, including the amazement on the face of on-lookers, Ogilvy had enough content to cut a series of videos that will appear on French TV as well as youtube.com/scrabble. 

The multimedia extravaganza will launch November 1 in a :60 film on French TV.  Following the launch, a series of short :15 films will continue to entice and educate TV viewers on the craziness of the new game’s rules.  And engaged viewers are further enticed to watch the finale of the play captured in a three minute explosion on the web at youtube.com/scrabble. 

The impactful and dramatic television & web based campaign builds on ‘The Beautiful Word’ campaign developed by Ogilvy Paris with Mattel France, which illustrates that when several words meet in the course of a game of Scrabble, it gives birth to an unexpected and wonderful world.

About Ogilvy & Mather
Ogilvy & Mather, France is an advertising agency of the Ogilvy Group since 1972 and a part of WPP, one of the largest communication conglomerates in the world.  Key clients of Ogilvy France include Louis Vuitton, Dove, Perrier, Ford, IBM, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Duracell, WWF, Vittel. . . among others.

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Contact: Kim Ball
Date: November 01, 2010
Office: Paris