Ogilvy China's New Digital Lab and Exhibit

Expanded Ogilvy Digital Lab and Opening of “Painting Meets Pixels” Exhibition at O Gallery

[BEIJING: 26 NOVEMBER 2010] Ogilvy & Mather China today announced the expansion of its Ogilvy Digital Lab and the opening of a new “Painting Meets Pixels” exhibition at O Gallery, the creative agency’s purpose-built art gallery. Ogilvy’s revamped space and digital showroom in Beijing blend art, commerce and technology, inspiring clients and staff to discover new and inventive ways to connect with consumers.

Digital Labs“It’s been said that advertising is the astonishing blend of art and commerce. And today it is a fusion of both of these and technology. So our simultaneous launch of the O Gallery exhibit and new Ogilvy Digital Lab is very special because it is symbolic of how Ogilvy views the future of advertising and marketing communications,” said Shenan Chuang, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Greater China.

Ogilvy Digital Lab
The new Ogilvy Digital Lab features the most cutting-edge, innovative, beyond-the-desk digital technology available today. Essentially an experience center and digital showroom, clients and visitors will be able to learn about and experience first-hand advanced and emerging technologies such as augmented reality, mobile applications, interactive windows, digital tables, 3D wall projections and more.

The dedicated showroom will also be utilized for presentations, pitches, events and as a learning and creativity center for Ogilvy staff and visitors.

According to Chris Reitermann, President of OgilvyOne Greater China and O&M Group Shanghai, “The Digital Lab is a manifestation of Ogilvy’s innovation across the Group. It is a fusion of technology with creativity that allows us to immerse clients in the future of marketing by giving them a hands-on experience of the newest options in digital marketing and advertising.”

Reitermann says the Digital Lab will regularly change, update and display the latest and best there is in mobile, digital retail, out-of-home and gaming.

Ogilvy Digital LabAs well as being a showroom, the Digital Lab is also a dedicated team staffed by OgilvyOne employees. The team’s sole purpose is to push the limits of digital advertising by working with client teams across the Ogilvy Group in China to dream up innovative solutions for clients such as Lenovo, Tsingtao, Motorola and many more that have already integrated some of the digital solutions into their marketing programs.

“The Ogilvy Digital Lab Network has become a key strategic proposition within Ogilvy with physical labs in Beijing, London and New York, and dedicated Digital Lab teams in Singapore, Tokyo and Sao Paolo, with more to come,” said Paul Heath, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, who joined the launch event in Beijing.

“The strategic placement of half of the Ogilvy Digital Labs in Asia signals the importance of this region as a growth market for emerging technologies,” added Heath.

Recently named “2010 Digital Agency of the Year” at Campaign Asia Pacific’s Digital Media Awards, OgilvyOne Beijing launched the original and smaller Digital Lab in Beijing in June 2009.

O Gallery
Under the theme “Painting Meets Pixels,” this exhibition – orchestrated by O Gallery curator Han Tsungwoo - features the work of five artists including Wu Jicong and Chi Peng who show a wide range of startling photography and video, while Lin Junxian’s paintings present a series of curious abstract expressions. Song Jiao’s paintings offer a new perspective on nature, while Lu Xi’s contemporary views on everyday life both surprise and entertain.

Since its establishment in September 2005, O Gallery has been a platform for discovering and fostering a diverse group of young talents from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Many of the dozens of artists that have showcased their work at O Gallery over the years have seen their careers and reputations blossom.


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Ogilvy Digital Lab - Showroom Features

3D Imaging - No Glasses Required!
Watch 3D objects magically appear as holograms in the air. This retail and event display enables viewers to experience branded content in 3D without needing to wear silly glasses.

3D Mapping Wall
This emerging technology enables architecture to come alive with mind blowing 3D computer graphics mapped onto the external or internal structure of buildings. Ogilvy's Digital Lab features a scaled down version of this digital out-of-home technology.

Audience Measurement Unit
This set of networked cameras takes the guesswork out of outdoor advertising. Not only does it measure how many people look at the ads, it can even detect gender and show content accordingly.

Augmented Reality Booth
Brings branded 3D content and games to life. This installation is ideal in retail and brand experience environments.

Digital Table
Interact with a state-of-the-art, custom-built interactive table that delivers an unforgettable digital experience by inviting visitors to interact with the content or play games. The table can be used at retail stores, events or even at nightclubs or restaurants.

Interactive Floor
Turns an ordinary concrete floor into a rich digital experience that delivers gaming and content based on movements. The Interactive Lab Floor is used in retail and promotional event environments.

Interactive Multi-touch Wall
This innovative display enables users to interact with branded content in multi-touch mode. Be it shopping malls, retail stores or roadshows - you can be sure that people will immerse themselves in your branded content. Available in different sizes, the multi-touch wall is appropriate for small and large-scale branded engagement.

Interactive Taxi Screens
Thousands of taxis in China's 1st tier cities are already equipped with interactive screens. Being able to deliver personalized branded gaming or branded content to affluent taxi commuters presents a great opportunity for marketers.

Interactive Window
Gesture and touch-based navigation turns an ordinary glass window into a rich, futuristic digital experience. The Interactive Lab Window is used in retail and promotional event environments.

Mass Audience Gaming
This camera-based technology allows a large group of people to play a virtual game together. By moving their arms left or right, the audience can collectively control the content or game. Ideal for large scale events and previews at cinemas.

Mobile Wall
Experience the latest branded mobile applications, games and mobile websites. See and feel how mobile helps to deliver an immersive, integrated and personal branded experience to consumers on the go.

Velo Coupon Machine
This popular coupon terminal can be found in subway stations and shopping malls across China's top tier cities. Simply swipe your pre-purchased RFID tag and select a coupon that can be printed out or sent directly to your mobile phone.

Contact: Sarah Guldin
Date: November 26, 2010
Office: Beijing