Enrique Alda Appointed Creative Director, Ogilvy Healthworld EAME

MADRID, 16th November 2009 – Enrique Alda has been appointed Creative Director for Ogilvy Healthworld EAME. In his new responsibility he will lead the creative work for both the global and regional pitches and the development of the pan-European campaigns for the present clients.

In the last several years, the "decision centres" for pharmaceutical companies have moved from Spain's national capital to the "excellence centres," or headquarters, situated in the big European capitals. Marketing plans are usually designed with global vocation, hence campaigns must be able to give the best creative option inside a multicultural vision.

In words of Gloria Gibbons, Ogilvy Healthworld EAME and Austral-Asia CEO, one of the objectives of Enrique’s appointment is “to strengthen our creative offer and to guarantee the success in the global pitches.”

“Creativity is my passion. I began as a creative in this world and it seems that I will retire in the same way. I am sure that I will enjoy it,” Enrique has commented.

Enrique earned a degree in chemistry from Madrid's Complutense University and an MBA. After developing his career in health and consumer advertising, he created CPA Spain. It was acquired by Healthworld at the end of the 1990s, becoming part of Ogilvy at 2003. Thirty years of a long and passionate career from a small agency to the largest healthcare network worldwide. After being President and CEO of Ogilvy Healthworld Spain for years, Enrique turned over management of the Madrid and Barcelona offices, but remained as Chairman of OHW Spain and assumed the new Director of Innovation for OHW Europe.

From that position, Enrique was in charge of developing digital business in the health area in Europe, has been leading the creative work of Ogilvy Healthworld Europe, and chairing the OHW Creative Summit, which annually joins creative directors worldwide. Enrique recently edited the Ogilvy Healthworld Creative Book, the first book compiling OHW creativity from all the offices worldwide.

Contact: Claudia Lopez de Carrizosa
Date: November 18, 2009
Office: Madrid