Denmark-based GCI Mannov Joins Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Contact: Rachel Foltz

DENMARK, March 10, 2009 – GCI Mannov, a Denmark-based public relations company with offices in Copenhagen and Århus, Denmark, and Malmö, Sweden, is joining the Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Ogilvy PR) network and will be re-named Mannov.

"The agreement with Ogilvy PR is an ideal opportunity for Mannov. Ogilvy PR has a strong international network and fits our profile very well. Additionally, Ogilvy PR's 360-degree approach to clients in Denmark will definitely compliment us well," said Mannov CEO, Steffen Lüders.

"Ogilvy PR is delighted about the newly signed agreement," announced Ash Coleman-Smith, Managing Director of Ogilvy PR, Europe, Africa and Middle East. "The partnership with Mannov in Denmark is a great step forward in strengthening our PR competencies in the northern region. We are thrilled about welcoming Steffen Lüders and his team and looking forward to see what we can attain together in the future."

Prior to joining Ogilvy PR, Mannov was a member of the PR network GCI, where Steffen Lüders served as a member of its global Board and as European Chairman. Mannov's clients include Kellogg's, Dell, SAS, Eli Lilly, Ferrero and Sara Lee.

Contact: Rachel Foltz
Date: March 10, 2009
Office: Copenhagen