Ogilvy & Mather Paris and Perrier Turn up the Heat with LE CLUB

PARIS, June 7, 2011 – Ogilvy Paris and Perrier captures and cleverly unveils its dramatic story in a series of shorter and increasingly hotter videos staged to be released based on the number of web visits. As if the first of the six videos is not already hot enough, like a real party, stuff gets crazier and sexier as the night, and videos, go on!

The creative idea was based on a universal truth: The more people that are in one place, the hotter that place gets. And this truth is carried throughout the campaign and its media strategy.

In a teaser clip that goes live on a LE CLUB designed YouTube Channel, viewers are enticed to watch the action rolling while a young sensual lady enters the cool and decadent Perrier Club to go on stage and sing. It’s a talent contest designed to draw a crowd. In fact, this is the first time ever when the number of hits on Youtube actually changes the storyline. As you click, the electro-pop and sensual voice of the singer invades the club. And the more visitors to YouTube to watch the feverish performance in LE CLUB, the hotter the temperature gets inside – so hot, everything starts to melt and the next video, increasingly hotter than the one before, is released. What better stage to be set than this for the ultimate thirst quencher, Perrier, to cool everyone off.

"We’ve created the first interactive YouTube experience that changes based on the number of viewers it attracts. While the web counter shows the number of viewers, it’s not clear just how many viewers we need to raise the club’s temperature,” said Creative Director, Thierry Chiumino, Ogilvy & Mather Paris.

Ogilvy Paris built and designed the entire Perrier Melting Club façade for the campaign. So cool and seducing, anyone who didn’t know it was a staged club would want to wait in line to join the trendy club goers. “We started with a basement. Really not cool at the beginning and afterwards it was so cool that everyone wanted to party there,” said Creative Group Head Baptiste Clinet, of Ogilvy & Mather Paris. And, if you're lucky enough, you may find yourself winning a ticket to a real-life upcoming Perrier Melting Party organized next 20 September in New York. Just as hot as this one, a select group of people will have the unique privilege of seeing the seventh and last video live, to be made at the Perrier party. Very hot! Win your spot on the brand’s Facebook fan page!

Filmed in Romania... “it was freezing cold there. But on the last day of the shoot, it was so hot inside the Perrier Club that we had to clean the condensation off the camera lens. It was really our creative idea in its truest form,” said Florian Bodet, Art Director Ogilvy & Mather Paris.

And the melting special effects? “We used the least amount of special effects as possible,” said Nicolas Lautier and Baptiste Clinet, Creative Group Head Ogilvy & Mather Paris. “In some instances, what you’re seeing is paint dripping off the people... the walls... And we did a good month of research prior to shooting to understand how something would melt for real. For example, a gold necklace? How would this melt for real?”

The film’s director, Nez Khammal of Moonwalk Films, is known for his “beautifully rich composition with a penchant for drama.” Nez is also an award-winning music video director. Both of these qualities are evident in the dramatic footage that unfolds in LE CLUB.

There's also a Mobile experience, which has been developed, on Apple iAD for the French users. “The experience is based on what we provide on our YouTube channel but twisted to make it fit perfectly with the specificity of the mobile device and mobile user behaviors,” says Frederic Levron Head of Digital & Branded Entertainment Content. “Instead of waiting for the next video the user is faced with different challenges at the end of each video to make the temperature rise and unlock the next one. Shake or tap your iPhone to get your mobile hot... If you’re good enough you’ll be able to see the last hottest version before everybody. This way we are making iPhone users, who are at the core of our targeting strategy, brand ambassadors. By seeing the climax of the campaign before anyone else and to spread the word about it,” concludes Frederic Levron.

The YouTube interactive experience launches globally on June 7, followed by Mobile, TV, Print & Point-of-Sale.

Join us and give yourself over to the guilty pleasure of “Club Perrier”!

Go to www.youtube.com/perrier to see what comes next.

International Press Contact, Ogilvy Paris: Kim Ball +33 673 98 0523

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Company : Nestlé Waters
Product : Perrier
Title : « Le Club Perrier »
Url site : www.youtube.com/perrier
Format : Web

Executive Creative Director : Chris Garbutt
Creative director : Thierry Chiumino
Copy-writers : Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian Bodet
Art directors : Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian Bodet
Producer : Laure Bayle
Production : Moonwalk
Film maker : Nez Khammal
Music : Babe Youth
Head of Digital & Branded Entertainment Content : Frederic Levron
Digital Producer : Hugo Diaz
Digital Production : B-Reel
Agency supervisor : Thomas Christiaen, Hugo Diaz
Announcer supervisor : Emmanuel Manichon, Fabienne Bravard, Gauthier Gay

On air date : 7 June 2011

Contact: Kim Ball
Date: June 07, 2011
Office: Paris