Ogilvy & Mather Brasil Celebrates 80-Year Anniversary and Book Recounts All Its Trajectory

"Nonconformists, Dissidents, and Rebels", written by Luiz Cama and Pedro Cavalcanti, features a detailed account of the most remarkable events at the company from its foundation in 1933 to its nomination as the best agency in the world at the 2013 Cannes Festival

São Paulo, December 12, 2013 - Eighty years into the upward trajectory of an agency - the history behind Standard Advertising, later Standard Ogilvy & Mather and today Ogilvy & Mather Brasil - are covered on the pages of 'Nonconformists, Dissidents, and Rebels', a book released this month in a private edition by Prêmio Editorial. The book recounts the steps of the company, this year elected Agency of the Year at the Cannes Festival, and the people with whom it is associated, in parallel to the history of communication in Brazil. Standard was founded in 1933 by Cícero Leuenroth and acquired by David Ogilvy in 1969. It pioneered and launched or supported most movements and trends in business, market, and popular culture - active under its name we find a number of leaders and icons in the field, a fact that draws special interest to the material.

The pen behind "Nonconformists, Dissidents, and Rebels" is in the hands of advertising professional Luiz Augusto Cama, with the agency for 46 years. Cama, former planning professional and current corporate vice-president at Ogilvy, worked alongside with Cícero Leuenroth and with virtually every local and international leader in the company, including David Ogilvy. The material is co-authored by the journalist Pedro Cavalcanti, a Veja magazine correspondent in Paris for 10 years and author of several corporate chronicles, adult and children's fiction.

"The book is dedicated to the men and women who have made and still make communication their life and have helped, as they still do, Brazil, its entrepreneurs, and its brands to grow and stand out in the international scene. In particular to those professionals that have made –and still make - the history of Brazilian advertising, first at Standard and later at Ogilvy", says Cama.

To accomplish this endeavor, the authors made over 120 interviews in person, by phone, and in writing in addition to an extensive research into thousands of publications, at the National Library, at the documentation department at ESPM, and at publishers like Abril, Referência, and Meio & Mensagem. Another number of documents were scrutinized at private clippings and photo collections and the company's own Information Center.

"It is an honor to belong to Ogilvy's history and chair this company at such a special season. I'm convinced that this book crowns a brilliant upward trajectory in a year of outstanding achievements such as 2013", asserts Grupo Ogilvy Brasil's president, Sérgio Amado.

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Date: January 15, 2014