CIAI's new social media campaign 'Letter to Myself'

Re-living the thrill of becoming adoptive parents in a touching, authentic video experiment


MILAN, 27 November 2014 – No matter how much time has passed, reliving the moment in which you realize that you are about to become a parent triggers a whirlwind of memories and emotions that is so profound and authentic it cannot be deliberately hidden or faked. This is precisely what led to the unconventional approach of Ogilvy & Mather Italy and Centro Italiano Aiuti all'Infanzia (CIAI) to dealing with the delicate issue of international adoption in their new social-media campaign entitled “Lettera a me stesso” (Letter to myself) featuring five real-life stories of adoption as told first-hand by the parents themselves, starting from the day on which their adoption requests were accepted and their lives were changed forever.

CIAIThe video for the campaign, which has been online since Thursday, November 27th, on YouTube, on the CIAI’s Facebook page (, and on the dedicated mini-site for the campaign (, breaks from the norm and allows the unfiltered spontaneity of those who have experienced the joys of adoption – as well as its anxieties and challenges – to testify to what a great experience it is, as well as to the capabilities that the CIAI has developed in its 46 years helping families “in the field” before, during and, above all, after adoption. Aimed at capturing the authenticity of the stories and their emotions, this fresh approach was carried out in the form of an experiment.

“We have learned a great deal in these 46 years of working along side children and their families,” said Paola Crestani, president of the CIAI. “We want to share all of our experience with families embarking upon the wonderful, challenging adventure of adoption so that they feel the support of others who have managed to do the very same thing.”

CIAIFor the video, which was directed by Edo Lugari, five adoptive parents were asked to write a letter to themselves, imagining that they could send it back in time to the day on which their adoption requests were accepted, but they were not told what was to be done with these letters. The result was a heartwarming mosaic of five voices, interwoven to tell a common story, one that conveys a message of great strength and optimism without an ounce of rhetoric: no one ever said that being adoptive parents would be easy, but it is absolutely possible.

“The most complicated aspect of the project was getting the adoptive parents involved, but telling them only that it was to be a video to promote awareness of the CIAI,” explained Giuseppe Mastromatteo, Chief Creative Officer for Ogilvy & Mather Italia.“That made filming a real journey into the unknown, both for us and for the parents. They didn’t know what would be expected of them, and we had no idea how it would all come out.”

“It was the first project of its kind for the CIAI, an association we have been working with since 2000, and we are happy that they were so enthusiastic about our proposal,” added Alessandro Pierobon, General Manager of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising.“Our non-profit clients give us the opportunity to try out new ideas while working on a limited budget.That’s a powerful stimulus for creativity and one that, over the last two years, has placed us on shortlists with the campaigns Happy New Year for Emergency and Operation Hunger for ActionAid.”


Ogilvy & Mather Italia : Giuseppe Mastromatteo, Paolo Iabichino (Chief Creative Officers), Letizia Bozzolini (Senior Art Director), Serena Pulga (Senior Copywriter), Michele Urbani (Digital Art Director), Lavinia Francia (Digital Senior Copywriter), Stefano Romanazzi (Account Supervisor), Francesca D’Agostino (TV Producer), Barbara Falanga (Community Director), Giada Pastorino (Front-end Developer).

Mercurio Cinematografica (production company): Francesco Pistorio (Executive Producer), Edo Lugari (Director), Marcello Dapporto (DOP), Danielle Joujou (Producer), Luca Vitetta (Set Designer), Maria Helena Pistorio (Costume Designer), Pina Salmoiraghi (Production Director), You Are (Post-Production), EleonoraCau (Editing)

Original Soundtrack: Stefano Pulga for StepStudio

About the CIAI
CIAI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is also apolitical and non-denominational and has been working since 1968 in both Italy and around the world to ensure that every child is treated as a human being and is granted his or her fundamental rights.

The efforts of CIAI encompass a full range of direct, concrete initiatives in the fields of health care and nutrition, education, child protection, and social inclusion. The organization has development cooperation projects and remote support programs and is authorized to provide international adoption services in Italy, where they have been helping families before, during and after adoption for 46 years.

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