Perrier by Dita Episode 2

Paris, December 15, 2010  The superb, sensual duo of Perrier, France's sparkling water brand and America's burlesque queen Dita Von Teese return for an ultimate show.

Dita Von Teese finds her way back to the Perrier Mansion: an interactive place where the beautiful burlesque artist invites her online followers to join her in an enticing, seductive web game, also playable on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

A continuation of provocative story telling.  In the first episode, Dita searched for a place to establish her home.  She found the Perrier Mansion and 750,000 people (18 and older) watched her there at  She decided to stay longer and to prepare with Perrier a 2 nd, and ultimate, episode.  This time, online followers are invited to rejoin Dita to discover a new and very special room in the Perrier Mansion.  To play and win her new game one needs to be agile, quick, and have a bit of luck.  You can invite up to 5 people to connect on Facebook at the same time.  Via a private password, you enter directly into a small room.  The game?   Dita performs her spectacle for you, only this time, there’s a stage curtain that threatens to drop every 30 seconds to stop her show unless you are able to click rapidly enough to keep the curtain up!    The winner, and there can only be one winner, is the one who keeps the curtain up and is awarded by receiving an exclusive and very private show by the glamorous Dita. 

On Twitter and Facebook, Dita holds her breath in anticipation of the digital experience to come.   To recreate the attention to the Perrier Mansion site from episode 1 and to proliferate the Perrier by Dita online buzz, Ogilvy PR put in place a teasing strategy to activate the online influencers and social networks, notably through the Perrier fan page on  Each week, clues are posted on-line by Dita herself.  

Perrier among the first brands in Europe to join Apple's iAd Network.   Following Apple’s official European launch of its innovative iAd service, Perrier announced itself as a premiere advertiser to propose a new dimension of brand experience to the lovers of the Perrier brand.

International Press Contact:  Kim Ball +33 673 98 0523

Website technical data
Company :  Nestlé Waters
Product :     Perrier
Title : « PerrierbyDita » - chapter 2
Url site  :
Format  :  Web + i-Ad
Executive Creative Director : Chris Garbutt
Creative director :  Fabio Costa
Digital Content Director :  Frederic Levron
Copy-writer :  Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier
Art director :  Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian Bodet
Producer :  Martine Boucher, Evelyne Callot
Production :  B-Reel
Film maker :  Anders Hallberg
Agency supervisor :  Thomas Christiaen, Charles-Antoine Duron, Hugo Diaz
Announcer supervisor :  Emmanuel Manichon, Fabienne Bravard, Gauthier Gay
On air date :  15th december 2010



Contact: Kim Ball
Date: December 16, 2010
Office: Paris