Hopenhagen Ambassador Arrives in Copenhagen

COPENHANGEN, December 15, 2009 – The 1.8 million Hopenhageners have elected their first ambassador, citizen journalist David Kroodsma, who arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday, December 12th with his fold-up bicycle, which he will use to travel the city and report on the progress of talks at the COP 15.

Kroodsma was selected from a field of candidates worldwide in an online contest where other Hopenhageners voted for the person who would best represent the global Hopenhagen community. Kroodsma is a scientist, environmental educator, and worldwide bike traveller.

As the Hopenhagen Ambassador, Kroodsma will be in Copenhagen during the final week of the UN Climate Conference. He will meet with everyone from Al Gore to the Mayor of Copenhagen, doing interviews, writing blog posts and making videos. The duties of the Ambassador from Hopenhagen include representing the people of Hopenhagen to the media and at official events throughout the week, reporting on events in blogs and video posts. He’ll be doing interviews and spreading the message of hope on the streets and everywhere he cycles around in Copenhagen.

According to Freya Williams, Planning Director at Ogilvy & Mather, the agency that created the Hopenhagen campaign, “The idea of empowering the citizens of Hopenhagen to elect their own ambassador arose because we wanted their voice to be represented in the global conversation and wanted someone to report back to them as their eyes and ears on the ground. David Kroodsma, a passionate and dedicated individual, was the ideal candidate for the job.”

Kroodsma will encourage people to engage with critical climate issues via citizen journalism and user-generated content, which is an effective way to drive awareness.

Kroodsma's passion for the environment has been demonstrated by his 21,000 mile bike trip from California through South America meeting people from all walks of life and giving climate presentations to schools and groups along the way. A climate scientist by training, Kroodsma has demonstrated his ability to translate science-talk into layperson-speak and has shown a strong commitment to connecting with people worldwide. Based in San Francisco, David has worked with 350.org and is working on book about his bike trip, tentatively titled, The Road to Tierra del Fuego.

To ensure that the voice of the “people” was represented at the Copenhagen Global Climate Change Summit (COP 15), the Huffington Post, Hopenhagen.org, and Ogilvy & Mather the agency that created Hopenhagen, launched the search to select a “citizen journalist.”

The Hopenhagen movement is a global movement to inspire people of the world to share their voice of support for a positive outcome at COP15. Those voices are shown in the messages from the citizens of Hopenhagen on hopenhagen.org.

Hopenhagen activities in Copenhagen include:

  • Hundreds of ads displayed all around Copenhagen, including the airport, buildings, freeways, the Bella Center, bus stops and the Hopenhagen globe in City Hall Square, which has been renamed Hopenhagen Square
  • Appearances and media availability of David Kroodsma, a climate scientist and serious biker who was elected as the Hopenhagen ambassador for the COP15 conference
  • Appearances and media availability of Bradley Whitford
  • Hopenhagen videos broadcast in the airport and on the Copenhagen metro
  • Concerts at the “Hopenhagen LIVE” stage in Hopenhagen Square
  • “Experience stations” in Hopenhagen Square where Hopenhagers can learn about clean energy, ride bikes that work without chains and confess their hopes for a better world in writing and on video at the Hopenhagen studio
  • Daily news, updates and research from the Global Observatory
  • “Earth Hour Hopenhagen” at the Hopenhagen Live stage in cooperation with World Wildlife Fund on Wednesday, December 16 at 18.00 in Hopenhagen Square

Hopenhagen online elements of the campaign include:

  • Online registration to become global citizens of Hopenhagen with the ability to electronically express individual messages of hope for a better planet
  • News engine with updates on the COP15 negotiations and overall news and events relating to climate change
  • Facebook fan page pictures and updates from the negotiations and from the streets of Copenhagen
  • Daily Twitter updates on the negotiations and broader climate change debate
  • Hopenhagen passports allowing citizens to earn stamps for making the world a better place
  • T-shirts available for purchase on the Web site to declare support for Hopenhagen
  • Hopenhagen e-mails that can be sent to friends to invite broader participation in the campaign

The Hopenhagen movement, overseen by the International Advertising Association in conjunction with Ogilvy & Mather, represents support for the United Nations, which calls for a climate treaty that is “ambitious, fair and effective in reducing emissions.”  Through the support of the IAA and a coalition of the world's leading advertising, marketing and media agencies, Hopenhagen is an empowering platform, giving voice to global citizens in the climate change dialogue and helping voice their opinions to the leaders from 192 countries attending the conference. 

For interviews with David Kroodsma, contact.

Director Lotte Hansen, Mannov (coordinator and spokes person Danish Hopenhagen office)
+45 30 10 32 80

Toni Lee, Ogilvy & Mather

For additional information and photography, go to www.hopenhagen.org.

Contact: Toni Lee
Date: December 15, 2009
Office: New York