Ogilvy Announces Significant Management Changes in Mexico

MÉXICO CITY, August 11, 2011 – At the impressive National Museum of Anthropology’s Mayan Patio and in front of more than 400 attendees representing Ogilvy Group’s clients, staff, business partners and media journalists, the Worldwide CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, Miles Young, announced an important change in the top management of the Group in Mexico.

Miles Young stated, “I am very proud to announce that Polo Garza will become Chairman of the Ogilvy Group in Mexico. He has built our Mexican operation into one of the most successful and recognized agencies in our network, having been awarded “Agency of the Year” four times under his leadership. He is a master at his craft, and I know that we will continue to learn from his experience and talents. And having someone as brilliant and dedicated as Horacio Genolet to assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of Ogilvy Mexico will ensure it remains the region’s most formidable agency.”

Marcos Golfari, President of Ogilvy Latina, welcoming all attendees declared:  “Today is a very important date for our region. We are making a substantial change in one of our two most important offices in Latin America. After being at the helm of Ogilvy for 12 years, Polo Garza will now continue as Chairman of our Group in Mexico, specifically to take it to a larger growth based upon new acquisitions, possible mergers and also by increasing business of two of our important units: Healthcare and Public Relations. All of you are aware of the extraordinary job that Polo has done by leading Ogilvy to make it the number one agency in Mexico.”

Golfari added: “Now Horacio Genolet becomes the new CEO of Ogilvy Mexico and I’m confident that he will continue developing a superb job given his great experience, capabilities and determination to achieve our business objectives.”

Genolet thanked Golfari for his new appointment and for the trust granted by both him and Miles Young and also thanked Polo Garza for his teachings and experience during his time in Mexico. “It will be a great challenge to continue building what Polo has built and to maintain Ogilvy as the most important and winning agency in Mexico, but thanks to our clients and to our business partners who are here, I’m certain we will accomplish this challenge.” 

Polo Garza, now Chairman of the Group, expressed: “On this important day for the Ogilvy Group, and for me personally, I give thanks to my God, to my family, my sons Mara and Gerardo, to Marcos – my boss and friend – to Shelly Lazarus and to Miles Young here with us, to our dedicated staff but particularly to all of you, our clients and business associates for the big support I have received from you.” 

“Now, as the Chairman of the Ogilvy Group, I want to assure you that I will play my new role very enthusiastically, with a lot of passion and with the best of my expertise. I will focus on the growth of the Group through new business, acquisitions and also to strengthen our Public Relations and Healthcare business units. I’ve always been a man of challenges and this is another one in my career at Ogilvy,” concluded Garza.

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Contact: Pilar Fernandez
Date: August 11, 2011
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